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Pros and Cons of IPhone X

IPhone X is Apple’s cutting-edge model which was designed to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the iPhone brand. The device has a futuristic design with edge-to-edge OLED screen and high pixel capacity for clear images. This article enlightens you with the pros and cons of the model to help decide whether it is worth the price.



1. Face ID: The phone allows you to unlock it by just looking at the screen. Face ID system scans your face to unlock the phone and it offers more security mechanism against any intrusion compared to fingerprints.

2. Fast charging: iPhone X has a fast charging capability which ensures your phone is fully charged in less time. Within an hour, the phone is charged to more than 70%.

3. Wireless charging: You don’t need to plug the phone to a cable to charge it. You only need to place it on an inductive charging mat and you can wirelessly charge the phone.

4. Portrait lighting: This is a photography feature in the device that calculates light, motion, and object parameters to produce some special lighting effects on a picture and create facial contours.

5. Faster performance: It enhances augmented reality performance and its bionic chip provides faster performance through the four high-efficiency cores.

6. Animojis: If you love emoji’s, iPhone X allows you to create animated emoji’s using your face. The face ID technology which recognizes your facial features is used to map your face emoji.

7. OLED display: OLED display offers you wider viewing angles as well as a bright panel. The display also supports HDR content.

8. Bigger and better screen: It has a screen size of 5.8 inches which makes it bigger. The high pixel capacity gives you the best viewing experience compared to other iPhones models.

9. Amazing videos: You can capture amazing videos and images with a high-quality camera.

10. Dual cameras: It allows you to capture true-to-life colors with improved picture texture. The bigger and faster sensors allow stabilization for low-light image capture.



1. Expensive: IPhone X cost a whopping $1000 which is very expensive for some people to afford. Some people even cite the phone is overpriced.

2. Touch ID: The touch ID is replaced with Face ID which may take some time for the people to adapt to this new feature. Many think touch is easier to use than the face ID.

3. Fragile glass back: The glass back used for wireless charging can easily break compared to the metal back.

4. IOS 11 bugs: There are few iOS 11 bugs which sometimes lead to a black screen.

5. One size fits all: IPhone X comes only in one size thus if you need a small screen, you have to compromise on the model to purchase.

6. Taking case on and off: Unless you go for a case that supports wireless charging, you have to take the case on and off to charge the iPhone wirelessly.

7. Learning curve: There is no Home button in iPhone X and you have to learn new command on how to use features like the Siri app and switching between the apps. If you love the current gestures in your old iPhone you may be reluctant to learn new gestures in iPhone X.

8. Few color options: It comes in only silver and space gray color thus no more options to choose from if you love a different color.

9. Pay for fast charging: The fast charging in iPhone X doesn’t come for free, you have to pay extra money for you to use the fast charging feature. An additional $75 is required to buy the USB-C power adapter and USB-C lightening cable.

10. Notch block: A notch in your iPhone blocks the screen at the front-camera and many people criticize it since it interrupts with the view of the screen.

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