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Pros and Cons of UN

United Nations, UN is an intergovernmental organization that helps in promoting peace and security among nations, promotes international coordination, and supports coordination among the nations.

UN focuses on making the world a better and peaceful place to live in by maintaining international peace, security, humanitarian aid, and protecting the right of individuals. This article highlights the pros and cons of the UN.



1. Economic development: UN provides resources to promote development, improve living standards of people, and human skills. They offer funds at low interests rates to alleviate rural poverty.

2. Maintaining peace: UN has participated in many peacekeeping campaigns worldwide. It has been able to restore peace among many countries and enable them to recover from conflicts.

3. Promote security: United nation strategies enable governments to coordinate their counter-terrorism efforts. United Nation promotes international cooperation against terrorism and prevents genocide attacks.

4. Promote human rights: The united nation human rights body investigates individual complaints and ensures they receive legal justice. It also puts pressure on governments to improve human rights records.

5. Social development: UN helps the government in providing some essential services like education and health care facilities. They promote maternal care and can hold campaigns on preventing the spread of epidemics.

6. Humanitarian act: They help refugees by providing them with the basic needs and relocation to their homeland if the conditions warrant or support them in settling in another country.

7. Provide better lives: It helps improve the living standards of people by eliminating diseases and poverty among them. It helps in promoting sustainable development among nations.

8. Climate change: Climate change is a global problem and requires a global solution, therefore, the UN has been at the forefront of fighting the global climate challenges and helping countries on how to cope with these changes.

9. Freedom: It enables citizens to fight for their freedom. It ensures there is freedom of speech.

10. Prosecuting war criminals: UN has helped in the establishment of international criminal law which can be used to convict war criminals. It also solves international disputes.



1. Independent States: The UN can make its services as effective as the members want them to be. They set rules and set up mechanisms to enable them to be accountable systems.

2. Political compromises: UN consists of a big group of contradicting states and due to various political compromises, the founding principles are always undermined by member states.

3. Ineffective: Many people have suffered a lot due to ineffective UN programs. Their support is not enough to eradicate poverty, eliminate child and women trafficking, and other security issues.

4. Biased: It is only concerned with major powers from France, the UK, and the USA.

5. No right procedures and laws: There are no right laws and procedures to be followed when changing the structure. The old members don’t want to allow new members into the group.

6. Nuclear proliferation: UN was unable to stop nuclear proliferation and prevent US invasions of Vietnam.

7. Unbalanced: Each Security Council member in the UN has the right to vote on any proposal concerning peacekeeping. A single security council can affect the entire peacekeeping process.

8. Conflicts: There is a conflict between the state and non-profit state actors. UN bodies are used by some powerful nations to exert their own will and this makes it ineffective in preventing power struggle conflicts among nations.

9. Corruption: There are a lot of mismanagements and corruption committed by some UN officials.

10. Sexual abuse: There were increased rape and sex abuse cases after the Nato peacekeepers were brought in.

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