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Pros and Cons of Jeep Liberty

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Jeep Liberty is an amazing car with a great body, looks, and safety. It gives you an excellent driving experience and comfort. The jeep is designed with a classic feel and each new model is an improvement of the previous model.

It offers fully off-road handling compared to other vehicles of its class. This article lists the pros and cons of the jeep and helps you make the right decisions.



1. Fun to drive: The Jeep is suitable for everyday drive and weekend adventure. It makes you enjoy a great ride and comfort. It is easy to maneuver around with it.

2. Great look and style: It has a great look that stands out from the crowd. It not only has a great look but makes you and your passengers feel comfortable while driving.

3. Great cargo capacity: It has greater storage space with coverage at the back making it suitable for adventure and road trips.

4. 4WD: It has comfortable seats and excellent 4*4 wheel drive which can maneuver in any terrain (mud, snow, slippery areas, and rocky roads) and has better handling on the highway.

5. Technology: It uses cutting-edge technology with Garmin GPS Navigation, Sirius Travel Link, Sat Radio, Auto lights, and HDD music storage. It allows you to save thousands of songs on the USB and CD drive.

6. Reliable: No matter the model you’re driving, the Jeep liberty is a reliable vehicle. The jeep can drive under any weather condition without having any issues.

7. Family car: It is suitable for a small family with enough backseat room for children and an excellent front and rear seat face.

8. Towing capability: The jeep is more powerful with high towing capacity. The anti-sway capability enables the liberty to properly handle itself in case the trailer it is towing starts to swerve.

9. Great engine power: Jeep liberty has a high horsepower which enables the vehicle to lift high load capacity.

10. Free Headset: The jeep has an installed hands-free headset for communication.



1. Expensive: Compared to other compact SUVs of this category, Jeep liberty will cost you more although the upfront costs depend on the jeep model.

2. Poor resale value: Compared to other vehicles of the same class, the jeep liberty has poor resale value. The used jeeps are not in high demand like the Hondas which have high resale value.

3. Gas mileage: It has poor gas mileage; if you’re looking for a vehicle with low fuel economy then jeep liberty is not for you. Based on your driving habits, expects to spend more on fuel.

4. Electrical problems: The 2002 and 2008 models have electrical problems caused by the totally integrated power module. Almost all the electrical problems in the car are associated with manufacturer’s defects.

5. Slow: The car does not accelerate fast as compared to sports cars or other affordable compact SUVs of this class.

6. Maintenance: You have to regularly maintain the vehicle. You need to regularly change the oil, tires and adjust breaks.

7. Underpowered engine: Most Jeep liberty models have an underpowered engine with truck-like handling.

8. Driver window issues: The driver window tend to break more often in most of the jeeps. The cheap plastic material used tends to feel off.

9. Drivers’ legs rooms: The 2007 model has not enough driver’s leg rooms. The seat is also high making the driver feel uncomfortable for a long ride.

10. Weak acceleration: The jeep has weak acceleration when climbing on hilly areas and may feel too heavy.

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