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Pros and Cons of Mercedes G-Wagon

Mercedes G-Wagon is a safe, reliable, and comfortable vehicle that can drive in any terrain. G-wagon has a unique look and is one of the best 4*4 vehicles in the world. Due to their expensive nature, they’re very few on the roads and can draw a lot of attention to the person driving it.

Is G-Wagon worth the price? Compare the pros and cons before buying it.



1. Sturdy material: It has a galvanized steel body with its frame flowing with hot wax to prevent corrosion. No other SUV can compare to its built quality.

2. Luxury car: If you love fun, go for G-Wagon. It is one of the cars you wish to have, enjoy riding it, hate it, sell it and even miss it.

3. Powerful engine: The new G-class has a powerful V8 and V12 engine which can deliver output from 416-621 horsepower.

4. Customization option: Mercedes G-wagon has plenty of optional packages which you can customize according to your liking.

5. Performance: It is relatively quick, more powerful, and wonderful on the road. The 4WD makes it easy to maneuver on any terrain.

6. Excellent off-roader: G-Wagon is one of the most capable off-road vehicles compared to all other vehicles in the G-Class. It is suitable for people who like off-road adventures.

7. Blind spot assists: With the help of the Parktronic feature and rearview camera, you can easily sense your surrounding and easily maneuver in a tight quarter and parking areas.

8. Attention: If you love attention everywhere you go then, G-Wagon is the best car for you.

9. Safety: It feels safe to drive in G. the technology used makes highway driving safer and uses the radar system to adjust the speed based on the traffic flow.

10. Unique look: G models are unique and classic and you can replace the body parts and still look new. It never gets old and nobody can easily know you’re driving an old G-Wagon except the G fanatics.



1. Expensive: G-Wagon is one of the expensive vehicles in the market. It is more of a luxury vehicle thus a G-Class model price starts from $123600. The cost of repairs is also very high.

2. No comfort: It takes time to get used to the central controller. The G-Wagon doesn’t give you a smooth ride feel and no touchscreen making it old fashion in the era of the touchscreen.

3. Fuel consumption: It has a horrible fuel mileage although the new BlueTec diesel engine is designed to improve fuel consumption.

4. Premium insurance: The cost of insurance G-Wagon is triple the cost of having a regular SUV making it more expensive to maintain.

5. Looks big: The G-Wagon looks big but it is very narrow and you need to watch for clearance when going in the parking structure.

6Noisy: The car has a loud engine sound that draws attention everywhere you go. If you’re off-road a lot, you need to keep adjusting the back door lock after almost every three months to avoid the squeaking sound that comes from it.

7Very tall: Mercedes G-Wagon is very tall and can almost scrape the roof of an underground garage.

8. Limited cargo space: There is not enough space to fit all your accessories. It has below-average cargo space compared to other G-Class vehicles which have more tech features and seating comfort.

9. Poor insulation: When traveling on dirt roads, dust will collect in your door handles or in the window adjusters making them break so easily. This requires you to service the vehicle more often so that the window adjusters and door handles remain functional.

10. Breakage of the automatic window: G-Wagon has automatic seating adjustments and automatic windows which break very easily. The metal wires and adjusters for closing and opening the windows are poorly made and need replacement.

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