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Pros and Cons Of New Jawa Motorcycles


The entry of new JAWA motorcycles has caused a stir specifically in the Indian market. Many have made orders of these bikes to make an exploration of them. These motorcycles may, therefore, be the kind of bikes that most users want. The merits of Jawa motorcycles include:



1. Sleek design: We all know how the outer look of a motorcycle means to the cyclist. A bike with a good exterior look will always receive praise from its observers. Jawa motorcycles are good in staging a presentable look to the public. The new Jawa motorcycles have a prominent headlight which is easily visible from the front. The back seat is slightly lowered from the front which creates an awesome look.

2. Has a lot of power: The basics of any fuel propelled engine is usually the power that it can deliver. The new Jawa motorcycle can offer up to an approximate 27HP which is good for self-drive and pooling. For speed lovers, these motorcycles might still work for you.

3. Offers an impressive front brake: Having a good braking system will be the backbone of cycling safety. The disc brake on one of its wheels also makes the new Jawa motorcycles stand out while in motion.

4. Affordable: One of the factors that buyers consider is the price and features offered by a commodity. With the new Jawa motorcycles, a wide variety of them is available at a non-exploitative cost.

5. Attractive color designs: The new Jawa motorcycles come in grey, maroon, comet red, blue and green colors where one has an opportunity to choose from a large list of options.

6. Impressive exhaust: The exhausts of any vehicle also matters. Users may have various preferences but the exhaust designs for these motorcycles have received a profound backing. The fitting design on both sides creates a superb sound effect of the running engine.

7. Has received the large following and warm welcome: These bikes have attracted many bikers from all over the world. The warm welcome shows that they were able to make a spur even in the international trade markets.

8. Jawa motorcycles are less weighty compared to other motorcycles: The weight of a motorcycle directly affects the driving skills of the cyclist. This is well catered for as they are lighter and more slender compared to some of the other motorbikes.

9. Gives an advanced modern engine: The engine is well designed for propulsion and cooling of the motorcycle. Its gears provide a smooth shifting and cycle experience. It is also immune to propulsion in rough terrains and is thus these motorcycles are not limited to certain roads.

10. Has a modernized speed screen: It has a digitized speedometer which comes along with an un-surpassed backlight for use when in a dark environment.



1.  Fewer sale points and dealers in the market: Availability of any commodity in the world is crucial. This factor of availability determines the number of customers purchasing the item. In the case of Jawa motorcycles, there are actually a few motor firms or people who are in the business of selling Jawa motorcycles. This becomes hard and denies its lovers the ease of access to the sale points of these motorbikes in various parts of the world.

2. Faces stiff competition: Due to the clogged up motor assembly firms in the world market today, it is difficult for Jawa motorcycles to clearly stand out. These motorcycles face stiff competition from firms like Suzuki, Yamaha and many more that still make an economic impact in the space of bikes.

3. Lacks kick start functionality: A motorcycle is not always complete to many if it lacks the kick-starter. These motorcycles do to not provide lots of powering alternatives which may keep away its prospective buyers.

4. Lacks a place in motorcycle racing: These motorcycles are not designd for high-speed racing events. They may need modifications to satisfy high-speed racing capabilities.

5. Its seat is not optimized for comfort: The seats of these motorcycles are not that much cushioned for rough rides and do not have rear support for users on it. This makes you uncomfortable when rough riding.

6. Unsuitable for carrying bulky goods: This bike is not a good alternative for those who may want to dedicate it to shipping large amounts of goods.

7. Lacks a dual-channel ABS and disk brakes on both wheels: Jawa motorcycles only have a disk brake in only one of their wheel. These motorcycles also have a single ABS unlike Classic 350 which provides a dual-channel ABS only. There are also no disk brakes on both wheels. This would have made them more acceptable to the users and have powerful braking.

8. Long waiting by prospective buyers: Those who might book for it might have to wait long since these motorcycles are not readily available in most countries.

9. Relatively expensive: Though somehow affordable, these motorcycles may be costly to some people. It forces some people to go for cheaper brands in the market.

10. Are a bit unpopular: Some people may not have an opportunity to have interacted with motorcycles from this firm. There is still more marketing required for Jawa motorcycles.

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