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Pros and Cons of Nissan Maxima

The Nissan Maxima is a mid-size car manufactured by the Nissan company and popular in Chinese, North American, and Middle East markets. Maxima is traced back to 1980 when the 1981 model sold as 810 maxima in North America. The new models of Nissan Maxima are produced almost yearly with more advanced technologies.



1. wi-fi available throughout the lineup. Today, many people consider the internet as their part of life. Maxima has an optional wi-fi hotspot that you can use instead of your phone data. It is more beneficial to families because the wi-fi hotspot can be linked to multiple devices.

2. Cockpit is focused on the driver. The cockpit makes the driver feel in control because all the key controls are directed towards the driver. Also, the climate system is straightforward.

3. Availability of driver information screen. This will enable the driver to easily access information on fuel consumption, driving direction, and safety alerts.

4. Advanced safety technologies. Nissan Maxima has standard safety features like driver attention warning, rear door reminder, traffic sign recognition, safety shield 360 packages, and collision warning with automatic braking, which assure the safety of the passengers.

5. Premium Sound System. Nissan Maxima has a Bose premium audio system that is designed to match the cabin acoustics that will make your music sound like a live performance. The Bose unit cancels the noise hence ensuring a comfortable ride.

6. Fun to drive. Nissan Maxima offers more fun on the road. This is because it has features like intelligent trace control that helps stabilize the car around corners.

7. Superb zero-gravity front seat. Nissan Maxima has a standard zero-gravity front seat that is made to specifically maintain your back at a natural position reducing the chances of back pain.

8. Adequate performance for a mid-size sedan. The sedan is equipped with the DOHC V6 engine, which has been recognized and received the award over the year because of its reliable nature.

9. Updated infotainment system. Nissan Maxima has a big-screen icon that displays information clearly to the driver without straining the eyes. It also has a simple menu layout which makes the Nissan connect a breeze to use.


1. Lack of some high-end features. The Nissan Maxima cars offer luxurious space for most drivers, but some will prefer premium features like massaging seats and head-up driving, a display that the car does not have.

2. More benefit from the spacious backseat. Nissan Maxima is a very relaxing car for all people, including tall people. Unfortunately, some passengers like a lot of comforts like relaxing their legs and the car luck the extra space for that. In addition, the sleek roof also compromises the headroom in the back.

3. Lack of high-performance model. Nissan Maxima has gears that are less transmission which can be inconvenient to some drivers.

4. No all-wheel drive. Although Maxima performs well in snowy conditions and rainy weather, it can cause diminished traction because of the lack of four-wheel drive. Hence, it’s not good for cold regions.

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