Pros and Cons of Cruises

Anyone who has never been on a cruise may be wondering whether it may be the right type of vacation to save up for. You may be prompted to go out and seek answers to these questions to help you make up your mind.

When you ask someone whether they love cruising or not, it may be difficult to get both a yes and a no answer from one person. In most cases, people usually love or outright hate cruises. Sometimes, opinions may be biased as they may come from people who have never been on a cruise. While at times, you may get only positive reviews from people who love cruises without any negativity. Here we answer the dilemma of what exactly the truth is. We discuss the pros and cons of cruises.

Pros of cruises

1. Most cruises are budget-friendly. At a glance, most cruise prices may seem expensive. It is not the case when you break down all the services, entertainment, accommodation, and food.

2. You get to see a lot of places and sceneries in a short time. While cruising, you get to see a lot of the world in a short time. You also get to access some of the most popular sports globally, taste different cuisines and cultures in a single trip.

3. It is easier to manage your trip details. It is usually difficult to plan for a trip, especially when you have to make various stops. You are saved this hustle on a cruise as all you have to do is book your vacation, get on the shi,p, and enjoy the ride. You can book excursions to get involved in and even plan for dinners in the different restaurants onboard.

4. They are easy. There is minimum effort and maximum results when cruising. You can get to visit many countries and ports without having to make transport arrangements.

5. You get to engage in numerous onboard activities. The crew in your ship will always want to make your experience unique, exciting, and extra special. These activities usually depend on the size of the cruise ships. Here you may get activities to entertain yourself, like nightly shows, casinos, various sports courts, and game rooms for kids.

6. No need to keep on packing and unpacking your language. Just like a road trip, when on a cruise ship you do not have to pack and unpack all the time along the way. You can only unpack once when starting the trip and repack when it’s time to go home. How exciting is this! You only have to sit, enjoy the onboard activities, and let the crew take you to your destination.

7. Cruises are relaxing. Most people book cruise vacations as they are relaxing and are another how away from home. On sea days and even hours between ports, you will get to go swimming, do yoga, go to a spa, or enjoy the breeze while reading your favorite book.

8. You get to experience diverse food options. Cruises usually offer an all-inclusive resort where you get to eat and dine different cuisines that may have otherwise been expensive on land. You will have a variety of cuisines from Asian, American, Chinese, American, Mexican and even French to select.

9. Socializing and meeting new people. Cruises allow you to meet and socialize with different many people. Since everyone is sharing the ship for that voyage duration, you’ll learn about a different culture and make friends and connections. Such relations may still exist long after you reach your destination.

10. You get dozens of itineraries. When you decide to cruise, you get to access hundreds of cruising itineraries around the world. You get a lot of options when it comes to choosing where you want to go and which cruise to use.

Cons of cruises

1. You get limited time in each location you visit. While you get to enjoy the different sceneries and port towns you visit, you will lack the opportunity to know the city. You only get a little time to tour each place.

2. Have a fixed schedule. There is no flexibility in cruise ships as with road trips or backpacking. You cannot change your destination easily when you like the place. You also can not extend your stay at a particular port.

3. Internet connectivity issues. While cruising, be ready to face a dodgy internet connection as WIFI may not always be strong. For business or corporate people who need to always be available on call, it can be frustrating.

4. It can be expensive. Shore excursions demand you to pay extra costs which tend to be more expensive and strain on your budget. At times you may find that these excursions may have been cheaper if you organize them on your own. For those who love drinks, they may be pricey.

5. A lot of human traffic. Cruise ships always have a lot of people in one place. Everyone is stuck on the ship until you reach your destination. Some people may feel overwhelmed having lots of people in one small place.

6. At times, food can be repetitive. When on long cruises, the food served may be repetitive, especially if they lack specialty restaurants. You will get that most cruises have the same set standard menu that offers the same cuisine.

7. Most destinations are overly touristy. Most cities with a port that a cruise ship can dock usually make a lot of their money off tourist visits. These destinations always offer things that are attractive to tourists and attract a lot of traffic. At times such traffic can make it hard for someone to enjoy the local culture experience truly.

8. Probability of getting seasick. A long stay on the sea may make you develop seasickness. It can be frustrating and make your vacation less enjoyable.

9. Nothing unique about the experience. Most cruises share the same experience. With most complaints about crowding, you get to enjoy the same experience with hundreds or thousands of other people.

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  1. Alex

    I had the time of my life on a Melissa Ethridge Cruise via Norwegian CL. Excellent time was had by all and it was safe, expedient, and completely thorough with regard to covid. No one could’ve done a better job at throwing a party in the midst of a pandemic.

    and what a party it was. Check out Sixthman

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