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Pros and Cons of Dropping the Atomic Bomb

Holocaust and the atomic bombs are two events that marked the Second World War. The decision to drop the atomic bomb in japan is credited as the end of World War II. The 1st bomb was dropped in Japan, and over 80,000 people died in Hiroshima on August 6, 1945. In Nagasaki, over 70,000 people were killed when the fat man bomb was dropped. The radiation effect killed over 250,000 people in japan. Somehow the bomb had a positive impact on people’s lives, and the other end many people.



1. Ended the second world war sooner: Americans hopped the second world war will go on for a very long time, but after the atomic bomb, second world war II ended. Americans knew that when they invade Japanese territory, many lives (law Jima 1000s American died) will be lost until President Truman decided America should be the first country to drop an atomic bomb. America saved its soldier’s life by using the bomb.

2. Atomic bomb stop invasions: After seeing what they have done to Japan, the United States persuaded the Japanese Government to surrender. Many people were concerned about what the bomb did other American plans to attack japan territories were canceled. Americans were not OK as they feared kamikaze airstrike would hit their aircraft carriers. They had placed armor around their carriers, but not all of them had extra protection. They were relieved as the invasion was stopped due to the fat man and small boy(the two atomic bombs).

3. Was the only thing the Japanese Government will understand: The United States wanted to send a message to Japan to make sure the Japanese Government will stop fighting and taking territory they had t use the bombs. Japanese seeing the effect of the bomb in their country, had to stop fighting.

4. Soviet union stops making gains from the fight against Japan: When the war stopped in Europe, that meant the Soviet Union would start making gains from the Japanese. The Soviet Union could have taken territory from japan; also, they would have seized territories from japan while liberating Manchuria, indo china, and Korea. This happened in Europe by 1949. When the atomic bomb was dropped, the soviet society could only seize Kroll island from the Japanese.

5. Reduced the probability of third world war: The atomic bomb reduced the chances of having their world war. A lot of countries were scared of what will happen if the third world war will happen. I am sure that many weapons are on this planet; if we start world III, then no one will be alive to write history.



1. Nuclear knowledge spread worldwide: The United States was the first country to have nuclear power, but that was not for long as a lot of people like the Soviet Union wanted to build their nuclear weapons. Stalin came up with the atomic bomb in 1949 as American scientist leaked their nuclear bomb secret to KGB.

2. Minor nuclear power countries would use it as a weapon: Countries like Iran, India, Israel, and others believed they could protect their country using this power. North and South Korea started threatening each other, and some minor between the two of them did not end.

3. Not only countries were able to develop and obtain nuclear weapons: Some defense groups and experts were scared as terrorists can be able to steal and use nuclear weapons. When the Soviet Union went down, they left a lot of nuclear material dumped and unattended. Terrorists got some of the material and used it to make dirty bombs to threaten different countries.

4. Mutually assured Destruction: MAD is a concept used to prevent a third world war between superpowers; if one of them will not believe in this concept and launch a nuclear weapon, then the world is over.

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