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Pros and Cons of Animal Euthanasia

Euthanasia is a humane way of inducing death in animals with minimal pain and discomfort. Animal euthanasia is an acceptable method by the American Veterinary Medical Association to eliminate animals with incurable diseases or suffering from other conditions.



1. Helps avoid unnecessary suffering: If your pet has been sick for a while and its condition deteriorates each day, you may decide to put them to sleep to avoid too much suffering.

2. Say goodbye to your pet: Euthanasia gives you a chance to say goodbye and comfort your pet at the last time. You won’t feel any guilt for living it to die alone. You can invite other family members to say goodbye to the pet.

3. Save you the agony of watching: The method not only ends your pet suffering but also saves you the agony of having to watch it writhe in pain.

4. Save on medication: Paying for veterinary services can be very expensive especially if your pet has had health issues for a while. Using euthanasia can save you a lot on veterinary bills.

5. The onset of chronic pain: Although euthanasia is not an easy decision, veterinarians can help determine if it’s necessary to put the pet to sleep. This is common when the pet has chronic pain, cannot stand or eat on its own.

6. The dignity of dying: When the animal has been weak, can’t even stand or eat on its own, then euthanizing will end their pain and let them die with dignity.

7. It is humane: Painlessly ending the life of an animal instead of resulting in using guns or starving them to death is the most humane act.

8. Freedom to choose: One has the freedom to choose in ending the life of the pet animal especially if they have financial constraints and can’t support the pet or face another condition. They will feel at peace knowing they didn’t leave the pet alone.

9. Create space: Animal shelters euthanize animals to create space for more young and healthy animals.

10. To avoid the spread of diseases: If the animal suffers from a contagious disease, euthanizing the animal can prevent the spread of the disease to humans and other animals in the shelter.



1. Unethical: We don’t have the right to decide when someone lives or when to leave the earth. Animal pets also need a chance to live, fight for their lives, and also feel comforted.

2. Difficult decision: Just like making a hard decision on when your loved ones are going to leave, it is also difficult to make the decision on euthanasia of your pet animal. Sometimes seeking advice from the veterinarian could help.

3. Overpopulation control: Euthanasia is being used as a method to control the animal population by putting them to rest. Other support methods should be used to support the animal population instead of reducing the population through euthanasia.

4. No medical financing: Humans are able to seek loans for medical care which they pay later but animals do not get financial support on medical care making it difficult to afford pet treatment.

5. Looked down: People have different believes and killing an animal to end its suffering can make you be looked down on by others.

6Guilt: Killing is not an easy task especially to an animal you have grown to love. You will always feel guilty even if there was no other option you could have done:

7. No insurance cover: Unlike humans who can seek health insurance cover, your pet’s treatments come from your own pockets and this can strain you financially.

8. Costly: Deciding to use euthanasia can be costly compared to leaving the pet to die naturally. Compassionate pet owners may consider a painless death but it comes at a cost that can put them into some debt.

9. Accessibility: To conduct euthanasia, you need to be certified thus sometimes it is difficult to get a certified person to carry the process.

10. Calm environment: The logic behind euthanizing is to keep the pet calm and have a comfortable sleep. Taking it to the vet may stress out the animal.

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  1. Jayke Langley

    Hello , my name is Jayke Langley and i am doing a persuasive research essay for the euthanasia of animals , i was wondering if you could tell me a little more about the author. The article i am reading is Pros and Cons of Animal Euthanasia,
    Thank you.

    1. lizzie hehr

      this is so sadddddddddddddd i cried

  2. Joy Gayton

    Thank You For All The Information On The Pro’s & Con’s Of Animal Euthanasia. I Write A Blog & I Was Needing Something To Write About So I Chose This Issue. And It Helped Me Alot So Hopefully, It Will Make It Easier For People Who Decide To Have Their Animal Euthanized.

  3. Dave Anderson

    It is true that it is humane to perform euthanasia. That is something that I would want to have for my dog if he were old and in pain. That is something that I will have to look into soon.

  4. Michel

    I am struggling with whether or not it is right for me to take my cat’s life. We can’t take a human’s life so why is it okay to take a cat’s life? Just because we can does it make it right…..?

    1. Anne

      Some countries do allow assisted euthanasia of humans. When a human or animal is suffering and in pain, and their condition has been deemed as chronic and only to worsen by medical professionals, it is the most humane thing to do. It is an end to their suffering, and having to endure a slow and extremely painful death. Many humans where euthanasia is not available will say they wish it was. My brother in law lived almost a year on hospice care, and died a very slow and painful death. It not only was horrible for him, but was horrible for the entire family. He is one who would have chosen euthanasia if it had been available in the U.S.. Euthanization is not about us. It is about the one who is suffering, and will continue to do so, to the point where it is unbearable. It is not taking a life. It is allowing one to end with dignity and peace.

    2. Mischelle Turi

      I agree with you. My husband and I are going through this now, and after talking about it for a long time we decided that it would be cruel to have this little cat’s last moments be in terror, which is how she always reacted every time she had to leave the house for the vet. She’s terrified to be outside. She’s almost never been out of my home- she was literally born underneath my bed. We wouldn’t think of doing it to one of our own children, so why is it OK to euthanize a pet? We decided that the main reason for this would be so WE feel better; not the cat. No animal, under ANY circumstances would CHOOSE to die. An animal’s primary instinct is always survival. That being said, we are doing our best to keep her comfortable, using vet approved pain control, and letting her die at home surrounded by those who love her. I can only hope that when my time comes those around me will do the same.

  5. Anne

    I chose to euthanize my almost 8 year old cat today. He was the love of my life and it was extremely difficult. We had a mass removed from his mouth and the surgical vet could not remove it all, as it was so far back and would have damaged his tongue and throat. We were hoping the lab test would reveal it was benign but it was not. It was squamous cell cancer. After the surgery he came home with a feeding tube and luckily I have veterinary experience and knew how to handle all this and the bandage changes. But after a few days he stopped going to the bathroom and became very irritable, was not maintaining his weight, and was crying when I would do the feedings as he was in pain and miserable. He also became extremely lethargic. After a visit with our veterinary team today, we decided euthanasia was the most humane thing. We did not want to see him suffer anymore, and since the cancer could not all be removed it just would have spread. He would have died a slow and painful death, and was not doing well as it was. It was heart breaking for me, and for my family.

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