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Pros and Cons of Declawing Cats

Declawing cats is the process of removing cats claws. Most people remove cat claws when they become very destructive to properties or people.

Some also declaw cats to reduce the risk of being infected. If the claws are damaged, they can be declawed.  Some of the advantages of declawing cats are;



1. It makes them less harmful: Some cats are of great danger to both people and other pets. This makes them very dangerous especially when left with children alone in the house. Some will scratch the kids making thus, declawing them makes them less dangerous.

2. It may help improve their health: Some cats have health complications with their claws. Any illness can make them have pain and uncomfortable thus declawing will make them comfortable and of good health.

3. It makes them relate well with people: Some people are very afraid of cats especially when they remove their claws out. Declawing will reduce fear and make people relate well to cats.

4. It makes them become less destructive: Some cats are very notorious and stubborn to the household. You will find them tearing couches and other things with their claws thus declawing them will make them become less destructive.

5. Reduces the risk of diseases: Claws are associated with a wide variety of diseases, therefore, declawing them reduces the high risk of being infected with the diseases associated with the claws.

6. Reduces the risk of transmitting diseases: Some cats are infected with diseases and when they scratch a person with those claws, they can infect the person.  Declawing them help reduce transmitting diseases.

7. It is convenient to the owner: Declawing a cat is most appropriate to the owner as he or she knows they are safe. The cat cannot cause any loss or injuries to other people or pets.

8. It is less cruel to the cat: Declawing a cat using the right procedure directed by the veterinary doctor is safer. You don’t have to throw them away cause they are destructive or even killing them which is even more cruel to them.

9. Declawed cats are friendlier: Cats that have been declawed are much friendlier than those with claws. They know they are defenseless thus cannot cause any trouble.

10. Reduces many losses caused by the cat: Cats are involved with a lot of losses in the household which much is caused by them scratching and tearing with their claws thus declawing them will reduce such losses.

Some of the disadvantages of declawing cats are;



1. It makes them defenseless: Most cats depend on their claws to defend themselves from attacks or any danger from other animals. If declawed they are unable to defend themselves.

2. It exposes them to pain: Declawing a cat is very painful. Some joints are dislocated inducing a lot of pain which may take a long period of time to heal.

3. It might expose them to diseases: Declawing leaves cats with wounds which can expose them to germs or bacteria that cause some diseases. These diseases may cause the cat to undergo a lot of pain or even lead to death.

4. It may lead them to continuous problems: Declawing cats may cause them to start having a lot of complications which they never had before. Therefore, it is not advisable to declaw them.

5. It may cause them to become wild: Declawing cats makes them go through a lot of pain which can make them become very wild. They may even start biting people and therefore, cannot stay with peace with other pets or people.

6. May lead them to have different behaviors: Declawed cats may start having awkward behavior that they never had before. Their friendliness with people may also disappear.

7. It makes them more destructive: Declawing cats may not reduce destruction but, can make them more hostile. They can still use their teeth to cause destruction.

8. Cats will feel offended or tortured: Declawing a cat makes them feel tortured as they get introduced to such great pains. The cat will not be very playful as it was before.

9. It makes them lose balance and stability: Claws plays a very big role in cats stability and balance. Cats like climbing on things such as trees with the help of claws. Thus, declawing them reduces their climbing ability.

10. Declawing a cat is permanent thus cannot regrow: Once a cat is declawed it is permanent the claw cannot regrow. It will never go back to its normal life when it had claws. This forces them to adapt to a new life.

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