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Pros and Cons Of Having A Pet Animal At Home With Your Toddler

Having a pet near your young precious toddler is a decision that requires much thought. Toddlers and Kids are generally known to love pets. It`s so moving that the life of a kid or toddler revolves around pets. The bedroom of most toddlers is always full of toys and drawings of pets. Any home that has kids and toddlers must thus contain pets either in the form of dolls or live animal pets. Pets are very significant to the life of a toddler that even for us adults we still remember our childhood memories with our favorite pets. Advantages of having a pet at home with your toddler include:



1. It`s a Source of adventure: The pet is a source of exploration by the child. The toddler gets an opportunity to learn more features behavior and interact with the pet Animal. This is good for the toddler for he or she is new to this world.

2. it’s a source of Play: The toddler will also get a chance to run after the pet, carry it or even talk to it. This makes the kid stronger and physically fit.

3. Promotes mutual affection: Pets will always reciprocate the love showed by toddlers. Pets will also appear playful and happier always.

4. Creates a sense of responsibility to the toddler: The young child learns to feed and care for their favorite pets. This is a good experience that helps the children get mentored into good parenthood.

5. Has therapeutic value: When a toddler is lonely he or she may touch the pet, try to talk to it or calm it down with tender touches which is good for calming and relieving effects.

6. Enhances immunity: Due to contact with the pet’s fur, the toddler becomes resistant to allergens. This resistance protects the child from sudden allergic diseases.

7. It promotes companionship: Toddlers who have a favorite pet at home may not feel lonely even without the presence of parents.

8. May reduce stress of the toddler: The toddler will be free to play with the pet, touch it or even have conversations with it which eliminates stress.

9. Leads to physically fit bodies: The simple exercises that toddlers undertake while playing with the pets are of good help. Exercises eliminate circulatory defects from the toddler.

10. It`s a source of fond memories to the toddler: The pet becomes a source of exciting memories when the kid becomes an adult.

The demerits include:



1. Risk of bites: Most pets may bite like the dog or scratch for example the cat when offended and this is dangerous for the toddler. When one is bitten, medical support must be sought as soon as possible to treat the bite wounds.

2. Brings along added costs: It may be difficult to buy and maintain a pet. The pet needs food and sometimes even shelter which may not be currently available.

3. Reduced Hygiene: Pets require thorough observation to make sure they do not pee around the house floor or compound. Such a mess is not hygienic if not catered for.

4. When introduced at first, the toddler can develop allergic reactions: With initial stages of introduction, the fur of the pet would be very allergic. Most toddlers may tend to sneeze due to this hypersensitive reaction to the pet`s fur.

5. Requires maximum care: A lot of support like food must be given to both the pet and your kid. Some pets may not like the human food that we eat. One is left with the opportunity to even observe your toddler almost always when interacting with the pet.

6. The pet can also get sick: Pets also require medical attention. A competent pet doctor is needed and may charge extra fees. Some animal sicknesses if not treated are passed to the toddler.

7. May bring about rough plays: Pets like dogs may make your kid to fall while playing with it. This may bring about injuries that can result to bleeding for your toddler if hit by sharp object.

8. May require dedicated shelter: The cost of an extra home or room for the pet like a dog. One must therefore be prepared for such costs.

9. May awaken the toddler at night: Being a mom is a heavy job that requires one to ensure that your child sleeps soundly. Having a pet in your house would require one to improvise new ways to prevent the pet from making sounds or disturbances at night.

10. Some toddlers may be afraid of pets: At very young age children may cry due to fear of certain pets like dogs. Animal pets may thus not be an option for such kids.

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