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Pros and Cons of Yorkie

A Yorkshire terrier is the most loved dog-pet breed all over the world and it is a great pet for every home. A Yorkie puppy will melt even those with the coldest heart of stone. Yorkies are special types of dog breed and they have a mind of their own. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of Yorkies.



1. Size: These type of dog breed are small in size even when mature and not difficult to accommodate in any home. You can carry it around with your arms.

2. Require less exercise: Compared to other dog pets, Yorkie don’t require a lot of exercise. You can live it to play in your backyard or two walks a day will be enough exercise.

3. Sociable: Yorkie is a very sociable animal. It develops a keen affection to you and your family. They’re friendlier and easy to manage.

4. Act as a guard dog: Yorkies can sense strangers entering your home and alert you. Although their very small in size, they’re very courageous when handling threats from strangers.

5. Great for therapy: Yorkies are a great companion making them suitable for therapy to people having emotional distress. It can offer kids and sick people emotional support and practical assistance.

6. Don’t shed much fur: They shed little fur making them a great breed of choice even to those people with allergies.

7. Healthy animals: Yorkies have few health complications and you should always feed it with high-quality dog food.

8. Protective of children:
Due to their social nature, they’re ideal for families with children and are very protective. They can also be a great companion for seniors living alone.

9. Coexist well with other dogs: Yarkie is an exceptional pet that plays with other dogs without dominating them.

10. Great companion: They are lovable with a great personality to give the owners a satisfying experience. They are intelligent and great companions.



1. Fragile: They’re very delicate and cannot survive in cold weather. Since they’re small in size, a small fall can lead to the breaking of the bones. Don’t use rough tactics when training or playing with this breed of dogs.

2. Premature tooth loss: Yorkies tend to lose their teeth prematurely, therefore, you have to make sure you feed them with high-quality dog food and proper dental care.

3. Not suitable for those who travel a lot: These puppies are very sociable and you’re your great presence for some few hours in a day. If they’re left alone for a long time, they can develop separation anxiety and have destructive behavior.

4. Impossible to housebreak: Although
Yorkies are different, they’re not easy to housebreak and to deal with them requires a lot of patient and positive reinforcement.

5. Stubborn and bull headed: They have their own brain and can be very domineering in the home if they are not disciplined.

6. Hard to monitor: The puppies sometimes destroy household items.
Their small size makes it difficult to monitor and slip out of sight when you’re not watching.

7. Training: It requires a considerable amount of time, effort, commitment, and the patient to grow a disciplines, nice and sociable puppy.

8. Expensive: It is very expensive to maintain the Yorkie. You need to buy high-quality dog food and proper injection.

9. Health risk: It is recommended not to buy the puppy from a backyard breeder or pet store because they have a great health risk.

10. Aggressive: Children must be taught on how to handle the puppy as sometimes it may become aggressive towards small children.
The children should also know how to play with the puppy without causing any damage to it.

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  1. Derek McDoogle

    It’s awesome that this article mentions many pros of a Yorkie. In my opinion, this dog breed is such a great companion when you don’t have a big house and it’s a very sociable animal. My cousin owns a Yorkie and is adorable! Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge about this unique dog breed.

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