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Pros and cons of mirrored sunglasses

Mirrored sunglasses are sunglasses that possess a reflective optical coating on its outer part of its lenses which makes them look like small mirrors. These glasses are efficient mostly in conditions of sand, snow, water, and higher altitudes due to its ability to decrease the amount of light that passes through its lens. They are most preferred by people for the UV protection they offer and an added style.



1. Light Protective It contains a mirror layer that helps reduce the amount of light that enters the lens. This quality makes these sunglasses better as they make us feel more comfortable while using them. UV light especially is harmful to the eye and therefore a pair of mirrored sunglasses can protect against sunburns and other damages to the eye. UV light causes pain to the eyes especially when concentrated on for some time. These sunglasses however become the solution as drivers can drive comfortably without the fear that UV light will damage their vision.

2. Color variations: Different from other sunglasses, mirrored ones come in different colors such as pink, blue-purple among others. These colors however are a part of its style for they do not affect the visibility of the sunglasses. The colors mostly are in the lenses then the frames have the same color or a different one. These colors make the individual owners of the sunglasses look good.

3. Privacy/ Anonymity: Some people prefer to look and not get noticed. Sunglasses are the best choice for the mirror lens to ensure that eyes do not show to the other people. Some individuals prefer looking at things and people and not get noticed that they are looking and that prompts them to look for mirrored sunglasses which helps them in this.

4.Glare reduction/protection: To most drivers, mirrored sunglasses are fundamental for they help them in maintaining visibility. Other people engaging in activities in the snow, water, and sports can use them for effective visibility. These individuals don’t strain with the mirrored sunglasses when exercising their sports.

5.Fashionable and sporty: Indoors games athletes prefer mirrored sunglasses for their ability to neutralize sunlight and reflections. These sports include; cycling, winter sports, nautical, and many more. To most people, how they look is fundamental, and therefore good and classy sunglasses to matching their outfits is key. With the different colors of the lenses, these sunglasses can be as fashionable.

6. Brighter visions: Compared to other sunglasses, mirrored have brighter vision reason being they reflect light rather than absorbing. The users whether athletes or drivers do not strain when putting on the sunglasses plus hey get very good visions.

7. Durability: Mirrored sunglasses resist scratches compared to other types of sunglasses. Sportspersons would prefer these sunglasses as they can withstand the sports activities and scratches.

8. Versatility: For people who are fashionable or those who mind their looks, mirrored sunglasses are the best for they provide different looks to one’s face.

9.Light reflection: Other sun sunglasses absorb light rather than reflecting it. This is an important feature that most buyers look for while purchasing for sunglasses and this makes many to opt for mirrored sunglasses.

10. Different uses: Mirrored glasses are the best for they can be used for different things. These activities range from sports, military protection, and fashion and for one’s fun. For military use, they are used to blind people with very bright light.



1. Distortion of images: Using mirrored sunglasses while looking at LCD screens makes images appear dark and distorted. Looking at images on mobile phones screen or reading texts makes them appear blurred. For many phone lovers, the sunglasses may inconvenience them for the screens on their phones with appearing as clear as they are without the use of the mirrored sunglasses.

2.No glare protection: Movements especially horizontal may expose a mirrored sunglass owner to light reflections which will make their visionless. This is very dangerous especially to drivers as light reflections while driving can cause one to get involved in an accident.

3. Expensive: Compared to other types of lenses mirrored sunglasses go at a higher price. This is because of the mirror feature that is incorporated into the sunglasses. It is expensive and affordable at the same time so sunglasses lovers who get to understand its uses and how efficient and protective they are they won’t mind the price but rather the quality of the sunglasses.

4. Light reflective: This is both an advantage and a disadvantage to different people. Mostly it differs especially depending on the situation the user is at. For example, if a mirrored glasses user is blinding his or her colleagues this is bad, on the other hand, if the glasses offer protection through blinding your attacker or enemy then it becomes advantageous.

5. Scratched easily: All mirror subjected to bad conditions can cause breakage and the mirrored sunglasses are no exception. When stepped on with hard objects like cars, bikes then they are likely to scratch and get damaged. It is advisable then that the mirrored sunglasses users take care of their sunglasses.

6.Too dark for low light conditions:  This is a disadvantage for users who want glasses to use during lowlight times or places. Mirrored sunglasses are used mostly to reflect light and low light places have no light to reflect. This is because the mirrored sunglasses won’t have enough light to brighten one’s vision as it does not generate any light.

Mirrored sunglasses are the best sunglasses made that suit different uses as explained above that is from sports fashion and luxury. Its inbuilt properties are evidence that these glasses are very efficient despite being a little costly. The higher cost however is due to the different features that have been incorporated in the sunglasses. So if you are an individual who is passionate about sunglasses and plays some of the mentioned sports, then sunglasses are the best for you.

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