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Pros and Cons of Morganite

Morganite also referred to as vorobevite is a pink to orange-pink variety of beryl, a mineral that includes the emerald and aquamarine; in fact it consists both minerals.

This rare stone ranges in colors of pink, from pale blush to rose, peach, and to salmon.

The most common and popular stones are often on the lighter shade of the family but, deeper shades are more valuable.

Morganite is often heat-treated to improve the color. This helps in getting rid of the yellow or orange tint color of the stones and as a result, it leaves you with plenty of pink color and a permanent color that won’t fade.

The Morganite stone makes a lot of products for example; the engagement ring.



1. It is sparkly and shiny; one of the most significant advantages of the Morganite is itsĀ  sparkling shiny feature. Whether it is natural sunlight or any form of light in the building, a ring made of Morganite will always sparkle catching the eye of everyone around the building.

2. Morganite is an unusual stone; due to its delicate pale color of the stone, it will garner a lot of compliments from the strangers as well as from the well-known people. Those who wear it say that many people usually stop them on the way so as to check on the ring.

3. It has beautiful colors; Morganite comes with a range of delicate light colors which range from light, pale pink to a lovely violet. The two most common colors are the peach-pink and the salmon-colored Morganite.

4. It is affordable; the incredible stone is affordable. You can buy a huge stone for a few bucks. Many people currently prefer buying Morganite stone instead of buying a tinny diamond for more dollars. You can get alot of stones with a few dollars.

5. The Morganite stone saves money; saves money in that instead of a wearer buying a variety of diamonds at a higher cost, they prefer purchasing a Morganite products at a lower price saving them some money.

6. Attracts people’s attention; Morganite ring attracts and catches the attention of other people due to its beautiful, shiny and sparkly nature. Whether in an office or when walking around the streets, many people will stop just to watch it.

7. Different shapes; these beautiful Morganite stone come in different shapes. For example, you can come across rounds ovals, square cushions, rectangle cushions, emerald heart, and pear shape. You can choose one of the shapes available.

8. Readily available; due to their popularity, you can find a variety of Morganite products in the market. The products are not as scarce as Diamond products.

9. Does not fade quickly; the pink color of the Morganite does not fade that quickly. Therefore, it requires less maintenance compared to other gemstones like white sapphire.

10. Its value; the Morganite is a semi-precious stone and therefore, a very affordable option. You can get a big bang for your buck and they bring the best of the best.



1. Require cleaning and maintenance; to maintain the beautiful colors and the sparkle shiny nature, you need to always clean the product thoroughly. This not only keeps it shiny but also extends its period.

2. Sturdy setting; due to the hardness of the Morganite stone, the designer of engagement rings should adequately protect the center stone and use the halo setting.

3. Constant care; a lot of attention and expertise are needed to protect the center stone and make the ring or the object as required.

4. Varying quality; the quality of the stone can dictate the price, and there is no certification from GIA to protect the customer. Stone ratings can help the customer to determine the quality.

5. Points to ponder; Rose gold is an excellent metal color that enhances the color of the stone itself.

6. They are mostly heat-treated; many Morganite stones are heat-treated to enhance the color of the stone. Always keep this in mind before purchasing the stone.

7. Can cause a disturbance; due to its shining and sparkling nature, the Morganite attracts people eyes from far and they can always want to see it at a close distance of which may be a disturbance to the owner.

8. Not easily found in local ornament shops; the Morganite products are not abundant in the local shops, therefore, you have to order in order to get them locally.

9. Requires being stored carefully; since the stone is not as hard as the diamond, it should be stored in a safe place. You’re not also supposed to throw it to avoid breakages.

10. Can be mistaken for a diamond; if you are not much used to it, you can easily mistake it for a diamond. You can also sell Morganite thinking it is a diamond.

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