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The Pros and Cons of Nose Piercing

Piercings are becoming more popular and widely accepted. There are different types of piercings that people decide to have. These are ear piercings, facial piercings, oral piercings, and body surface piercing. Nowadays, a lot of young people and even older people have facial piercings. Any facial piercing always makes a bold statement. Nose piercings are an example of facial piercing that is popular among all genders. They are ranked highly among the most popular styles. Most people who have nose piercings swear to it being a unique way in which they express themselves. Others believe that having such a piercing adds a chic statement to your style. Nose piercings also have a variety of choices when it comes to jewelry wear. One may decide to wear a nose stud or a nose ring and still look dashing.

However, just like anybody’s artwork, nose piercings need proper care as you do not want to end up with infections in your nose or a piercing that does not appeal to you. It is always advisable and recommended to do your research before choosing your piercer. A good piercer will be able to educate you on the best places to pierce, aftercare, and everything involving your piercing.

Despite being ranked highly, they take quite a long time to heal than other piercings (about four to six months). The reason is that these piercings go through cartilage and not flesh. If you are unsure whether to get that piercing or need more information, please read the article below.


Pros of Nose Piercings

1. It is stylish: Nose piercings are among the most stylish body jewelry. They cater for the goth or punk look, or even a simple look. Having one will enable you to create a striking style statement and look great.

2. The piercing procedure is simple: It is an effortless procedure. Most people also find out that the pain level is not high as they initially thought. The only downfall of this has the piercing needle right by your face, which some people may find scary. But not to worry, as the results will leave you feeling great about your piercing.

3. They heal very fast: When taken good care of, nose piercings tend to heal faster. The piercing you chose will vary with the healing time expected.

4. It has a wide selection of nose jewelry to choose from: Having a nose piercing provides you with a variety of nose jewelry to try out. You can opt for a stud, ring, nose pins, barbells, horseshoe, or a nose hoop.

5. Many types of nose piercings: Nose piercings have endless options to select from. Some of these include;

  • Septum or bullnose piercing-it goes through the skin.
  • Bridge piercing- a surface piercing that goes through the skin.
  • Rhino or vertical piercing- goes between your nostrils up to the tip of your nose.
  • High nostril piercing- it appears more elevated than the nostril piercing
  • Nostril piercing- can be on the left or right side of the nose

6. Less risk of piercing mistakes: Unlike other piercings like the nipple or genital piercings, there is a lower risk of the piecer making a mistake when piercing your nose.

7. It does not cost a lot: There is no risk of becoming broke when you decide to have this piercing. The cost in most parlors is less than $50, inclusive of the jewelry. But when you want a piece of unique jewelry, depending on the type of metal it is made of, you may have to spend a little more. Despite this, it is still affordable.

8. Nose Piercings can be reversed easily: If you do not want your nose piercing anymore, you can take it out, and the pierced hole will close up. It will not take long to heal entirely and close up, and neither will it leave behind a scar.


Cons of Nose Piercings

1. Be ready to face bias: It is good to be aware that nose piercings may come with some negative dispositions from some people. For example, some employers may highly disapprove of the style and request you to remove it anytime you are within the premises.

2. Risk of infection: Despite using higher quality metals to avoid allergies, nose piercings come are susceptible to infections. Infection presents itself when you have persistent swelling, pus, pain, excess bleeding, or a bump in or on the pierced area. Please remember to get checked out by a doctor when you suspect you have an infection to avoid necrosis (death of nasal wall tissue).

3. Time to heal: With nose piercings having various choices on where to pierce, note that it might take a while for your piercing to heal completely. It all depends on the part of your nose you had pierced. A simple nose piercing may take 4 to 6 months to heal, while some like rhino piercings may take between 3 to 9 months to heal up.

4. It can close back up: Keeping the stud out for more extended periods will cause the piercing to close back up. Most times, you will find out the inside part is completely healed up while the outside part will still be open.

5. You can accidentally pull the piercing out: When dressing up, mostly in a tight t-shirt or zipless dresses that need to go over your head, it can become a challenge with a nose piercing. You can accidentally pull it out, and this hurts a lot. At times it might be an accidental occurrence when you wipe your face, or it’s itchy.

6. Swapping it out or exchanging it with a different stud or ring can hurt: Changing nose studs or rings is not painless as changing an earring. The nose is more sensitive; hence, you will feel the jewelry moving in and out while exchanging it. Note that it is advisable to lubricate the jewelry and disinfect it to avoid infections when doing this. Also, using a saline solution has been said to make the process more manageable.

7. It takes time to get used to it: Having a new nose piercing can be a unique experience when blowing your nose, cleaning it, or even sneezing. It would take a little time to get used to this.

8. requires cleaning, which is not fun: Cleaning your nose piercing can be very uncomfortable. Despite this, it is advisable to follow all the aftercare guidelines you are given to avoid infections.

9. Risks of allergies and sensitivity reactions: Having a nose piercing needs you to have in-depth knowledge about the different types of jewelry. Some jewelry can cause allergies and sensitivity. It is recommended to use titanium, stainless steel, and gold (not gold plated) jewelry metals. Silver-coated jewelry can quickly tarnish, cause allergic reactions and bacterial growth.

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