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Pros and Cons of Thrivecart

Thrivecart is a shopping cart platform. It is aimed at selling of physical products, digital products, subscriptions, and services online, by using software like computers. ThriveCart is now used by thousands of online entrepreneurs and marketers to sell their products and services with ease.

Now, most businesses have boosted confidence in using thrivecarts. This is because it is considered to be one of the modest ways of promoting their products and services in the world’s market.

Thrivecart seems to be more advantageous to customers worldwide. Simply, they can acquire products and services through online payment gateways supported by thrivecart such as PayPal. Advantages of using thrivecart include:



1. Affordable: Most products that are usually offered through thrivecart are charged reasonable prices. As a result, a large number of customers prefers to buy from the platform. Online marketers use these tactics to enjoy large volume sales. They also having an advantage over their close competitors by retaining their customers increasing number.

2. Super easy: It is an easy process and entrepreneurs can create a new product within a short time using thrivecart. It serves customers worldwide and it can be accessed by using smartphones. It also promotes new products within a short time.

3. Mobile-friendly: The shopping platform is easily reachable by Customers by just use of their smartphones and tablets. By this means, they gain great experience by buying from respective stores.

4. It’s a Customer Centre: Thrivecart also offers the opportunity to customers to update their personal information like address and card details in the most convenient process possible through the creation of sites that render this service.

5. Suitable for A/B Testing: Using thrivecart marketers are able to perform A/B Testing. This is a strategy to improve checkout pages resulting in maximum conversation. Indeed, it also helps to prevent the business risk of losing honest customers by ensuring close customers contacts.

6. Offers Bump order: Bump order is an extra product or services added right before the customer completes an order. Therefore, Thrivecart offers a chance to add onto checkout cart hence maximizing profits.

7. It integrates with many membership sites: Thrivecart has one of the most professional affiliate centers. It enables one to dispense associates, create links, make payment to affiliates as well as inspect their progress and oversee their activities.

8. Thrivecart Incorporation: With the aim of integration, thrivecart has achieved diverse tool in different areas which enable them to widen their market. For example, thrivecart email integration.

9. Easy way of payment: Thrivecart provides various payment gateways such as Google pay and PayPal. This is a great advantage to customers who live in marginalized areas because they can get goods and services without much strain.

10. Cost saving: Especially Thrivecart shopping cart software makes selling online services and products easier. Marketers use thrivecart to promote and sell their goods without much strain. This is because they can reach many customers at the same time unlike mobile shopping which is costly and serves only a few customers.



1. Difficulties in making payments: Customers purchasing through thrivecarts sometimes complain of incomplete transactions whenever they make payment of products and services.

2. Costly: It is expensive to form and maintain a thrivecart platform which is an online platform of marketers who are offering their products and services.

3. No advanced dunning support for failed payments: There is a delay of payment especially for people with a lot of subscription payments each month.

4. Accessed by a few people: Thrivecart services are only accessed by a few people who have smartphones and computers because it is an online shopping platform.

5. Lack of flexibility: There is a shortage of checkout template in thrivecart. Thus limiting customers’ variety to choose from hence inhibiting flexibility.

6. No advanced drag and drop customization: Currently, there is no advanced drag-and-drop customization to make checkout pages look even more on brand.

7. Unreliable: Thrivecart is unreliable in the sense that most customers do not prefer purchasing goods and services online. This is because they do not have assurance in thrivecart shopping.

8. Unsuitable for illiterates: Only literate person is able to use thrivecart to purchase products and services. It is because they know how to read and access online services thus it’s disadvantageous to illiterate.

9. Faces stiff competition:  Online marketers who are using thrivecart are facing direct competition from retail businesses who are offering similar products and services, thus facing the risk of losing customers.

10. Lack of confidence by most customers: Most customers are hard to be convinced to purchase goods and services from online marketers who are using thrivecart hence they end up losing confidence in thrivecart.

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