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Pros and Cons of being a delivery guy

Delivery drivers are responsible for delivering items or products to clients in the most convenient, faster, and efficient manner. Most delivery guys usually use cars, bicycles, or motorcycles. A delivery guy faces some opportunities and advantages and disadvantages and downsides that come with the job.

Here, we give you insights into both the merits and demerits associated with having a job as a delivery guy. Let’s get started.


Pros of being a delivery guy

1. You get to work away from the desk. A delivery guy gets to be outdoors most ninety percent of his time. Here, you will get to see the world as you are not stuck beyond a desk. You get to see different sceneries when out doing your rounds hence getting opportunities to explore various places. The job is beneficial as it helps you avoid many limitations that accompany people who work behind the office day in day out.

2. You get to be your boss. Most delivery guys and drivers get to be their bosses. You have flexible working rules as the terms are not dictated to you. All you do comes to an agreement with whomever you are working with or for.

A delivery guy has flexible working hours and conditions. They do decide how much work they do or want to do. They [personally fit their work schedules to align with personal life. 3. Flexible work conditions. You get to be independent when choosing which routes to take and when to take a break.

4. You get to make extra money. A delivery guy gets extra money as tips apart from the agreed-upon amount. Those working nighttime are guaranteed to collect a lot of tips as people may feel sorry for them as compensation for the hard work. Keep in mind that all this will depend on your location, what products you deliver, how far, and how often you do this.

5. You get to stay fit. As a delivery driver, you sometimes get significant time pressure for fragile, delicate, or perishable deliveries to your clients. Such pressure may keep you on your toes, enabling you to keep fit naturally without visiting a gym. This is the case with most delivery guys who use bicycles.

6. You can work extra hours. In case you need to make additional money, you can work extra hours. You can also decide to work fewer hours when you need to take care of your issues. Therefore, those delivery guys willing to put in more hours can earn significantly more money.

7. You get to meet different people. A delivery guy gets to socialize with different people while doing his job. You may get to have hundreds of deliveries in a day to build your social network. You get to hear different opinions on different topics and trending news.

8. There is no special qualification to be a delivery guy. You do not need to have a college degree to become a delivery guy. There are limited expectations on the job and you may find the requirements favorable. Most companies will need you to be aware and speak the local language and have some basic skills.

9. For book lovers or music lovers, you get time to listen to your audiobooks and podcasts. Like a delivery guy, you get a lot of time for self-development and advancement.

10. You get to be independent sooner. If you are a new high school graduate, you get to be independent sooner than your classmates and peers.

Cons of being a delivery guy

1. It is an isolating job. Like a delivery guy, you may be isolated most of the time when doing deliveries unless you have a mate. Spending time out of an office setting has a downside of most of this time being spent alone. You may only get to interact with people whom you are picking from and delivering items. It can get tedious over time.

2. Numbness. You are prone to bum numbness as a delivery guy. Most of the time will be spent on s\cycling or driving to your delivery stations. It can cause you to experience back pain over time.

3. In case you drive, you may be stuck inside your car. Even though you benefit from being outdoors all the time, you will be stuck inside your vehicle. Despite visiting different places, you may not necessarily explore those places but simply pass through. Such is the case with most delivery guys who do night deliveries.

4. You are bound to face slower days. A delivery guy faces the chances of some slower days as well as hectic days. Just like any other job, a hectic day may be stressful but quicker. A slower day may drag on as there will be less to do.

5. Holidays are not usually or always free. In some cases, delivery guys work even during holidays or get to work half days during workdays. It can be tiresome when you are in a company that offers 24/7, 365 days of the year service.

6. You may have to work on weekends. Most delivery guys face a downside of working through the weekends as most weekends are the busiest ones. So, as others enjoy their leisure’s and have free time to have fun, you may have to work.

7. You may meet nasty and unfriendly clients. While you may get to socialize and connect with different people, not all of them will be friendly. Some clients may be unwilling to pay for late deliveries, which may be a problem for you. You may get other clients who are just not nice necessary and may try to crush your spirit by being mean. Like a delivery guy, you will need to be emotionally strong to withstand such treatment.

8. Risks of accidents. When having significant time pressures, you may be tempted to make risky traffic maneuvers to do your delivery on time. It may increase your risk of getting involved in an accident.

9. Limited money. Most delivery guys do not make a lot of money. Some of them can barely make a living out of what they earn hence seek other work opportunities apart from delivering items or food.

10. Poor work-life balance. A delivery guy faces poor work-life balance as most times they have to work during night time, weekends and holidays.

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