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Pros And Cons Of Oneplus6

The oneplus 6 is an Android smartphone made by oneplus it was unveiled on 16 May 2018 and went on sale on 22 May 2018. Oneplus opened forums for the oneplus 6 in April 2018 one week after the phone went on sale.

Oneplus acknowledged a software bug that caused the device to drop all audio when a phone call was switched to speakerphone. This was later resolved with a 5.1.6 software update with all glass built differently to its predecessors. The phone contains 6 or 8 GB of RAM . It also contains two rear-facing cameras.



1. Performance; the oneplus 6 phones have always had the top of the line specs at a decent price. A snapdragon 821 accompanied by 6GB of RAM will breeze through anything you throw at it. This boost the performance of the phone.

2. Constant updates; the 3 and 3t are supposed to get android OS and numerous software updates for oxygen OS. On top of that, you can expect a new patch every two months. This helps to keep the customer always updated by the phone of which it is something most companies don’t offer.

3. The phone has the best device that’s supported by custom ROM developers; this read-only memory helps so much in the phone in that it stores data permanently on the phone. It makes the phone device to be unique and can be trusted to store ones important data and be sure of safety.

4. The phone has an excellent battery backup; When purchasing a phone many prefer a phone that has the best power storage battery. As a result, it will give you enough service for a certain period of time without charging. This also makes it the most preferred phone by the long journey travelers.

5. The phone oneplus 6 has a good quality display; by having a good screen size and full screen mode makes the best quality display for the user. The user doesn’t have to look so keenly on the screen since the content on the display is visible and clear.

6. The phone has a dual sim; this is preferred by the users of the phone who likes to have more than one sim card in their phones. This enables users to also have different sim cards from different companies.

7. The phone has a premium look and feel; the phone’s design makes it look smart and nice. Everyone admires to use this premium smartphone. The phone also has a nice feel and slides smoothly making it easy to carry around.

8. The increased price of the phone is still much lower than the current top-end phones. The phones price is lower compared to the price of other phones in its class.

9. The oneplus 6 android phone has a super-fast charging; the super-charging feature makes the phone full within a short time. Therefore, you don’t have to wait long before the phone is completely charged.

10. The phone focus on the features that matter for the enthusiast. The phone camera is preferred for its clear pictures which makes it be the best.


1. No proper telephone /ultra-wide camera. with this type of camera, it is not possible to capture pro-quality images or to use the ultra-wide angle lens which would make the phone better.

2. The mobile phone has no water resistance certification; despite being a newly advanced phone it has no water resistance feature. It doesn’t give the user the assurance that even if the phone drowns in the water it cannot spoil. Most of the customers have a fear of buying the phone for this reason.

3. It has no microSD slot. This could be more favorable to the ones who prefer to store their information or data in a removable flash memory card to keep the data secure. MicroSD slot is not supported on this phone.

4. The phone has no wireless charging; some of the phone users prefer a wireless charging in that they don’t have to carry or reach for a cable anytime the phone goes off. Therefore, this wireless property is important and preferred to some smartphone users

5. The smartphone has no headset in the box; the phone has no headset in the box. As a result, it may not be preferred by some customers who prefer headsets and not headphones.

6. The phone has no proprietary charging peripherals. Despite fast charging, it has no bi-directional power that enables it to charge other peripherals. It only has its own proprietary charging standard.

7. Due to its many properties, it’s a complicated phone. Due to a number of properties that make the phone complicated, it makes it difficult to be used by illiterate people.

8. The phone has no coolant. some users prefer a phone that has a coolant system to cool the phone when it heats. Oneplus 6 doesn’t have this feature so as to protects the phone.

9. The oneplus 6 phone is very expensive. The price of this phone is not reasonable. Therefore, it’s not budget-friendly for many people.

10. In case of breakages, phone spares are more than expensive. especially if the screen breaks it will cost the user a lot of money to replace it.

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