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Pros and cons of Samsung galaxy M10

Samsung Galaxy M10 was launched in early 2019 and has brought a notable stir in the smartphone market. This device boasts of a 6.2-inch touch screen. It has Oreo Android 8.1 as its originally installed android operating system.

The phone also has a fingerprint sensor for authentication. The gadget also has additional key sensors like proximity sensor, light sensor, accelerometer compass, and gyroscope. Its connectivity is profound as it brings to the table Bluetooth version 5.0, Volte, a mobile hotspot, 4G LTE technology as well as Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n support.

Galaxy M10 has swift processing performance enforced by a 64-bit architecture and a HEXA-core processor with clock speeds reaching up to 2GHz. It has outstanding graphics and User interface. Its advantages include:



1. Descent performance: This gadget has really won battles in terms of processing powers of its CPU. It has a processor of 2 GHz Dual-core, and a 1.6GHz quad-core. Such clock speeds are comparable to those of a standard desktop computer. This smartphone is thus a performance wizard. Its 64-bit architecture and an EXYNOS 5 OCTA chipset also contributes to its high processing speeds.

2. Has a fingerprint sensor: Installed on Samsung M10 is Oreo android version and therefore, it comes with a well-integrated fingerprint scanner that is very efficient in securing access to your gadget.

3. Delivers authoritative connectivity: M10 offers Bluetooth v5.0 for file sharing, volume, and 4G internet connectivity. They’re proficient in delivering a good network establishment between devices. It also supports free Wi-Fi calling for devices connected over the same network as well as supports GPRS and two SIM-cards. Therefore, it’s a master of good connectivity.

4. Gifts it`s users with a 6.2 inch IPS LCD touch-screen: Game addicts and video enthusiasts will be stuck and trapped by its large display. To add to this benefit, the smartphone`s screen also has an unsurpassed high definition 720×1500 pixel screen resolution.

5. The preeminent cam features: Its photo and video capabilities are excellent. The dual camera arrives with a touch to focus property, HDR mode, face detection technology, auto LED flash feature and optimized zooming capabilities. Its front camera reserves a 5MP capture, while its back-camera seizes a 13 MP picture capture competence so as to produce a 4128×3096 image resolution. In addition, it provides for full HD recording.

6. Affordable: All is splendid capabilities that are readily available in any electronics shops at a relatively low price. It`s, therefore, a big profit and reward for the end-user who pays for it during purchase.

7. Optimized memory and storage: This device has a non-forgiving 3GB or 4GB RAM memory in some of its versions as working storage. As a result, it ensures a smooth swapping and multitasking between the phone`s application activities without any hangs or prolonged loading. It also has an assimilated internal storage of 16 GB or 32 GB. Its dedicated SD-Card slot enables it to have external storage which is upgradable up to 512 GB via micro SD-card.

8. Has a dominating battery: Samsung galaxy M10 has a powered inbuilt non-removable 3400mAh Li-ion battery. But its charging system depends on a micro USB 2.0 charger interface.

9. Stylish look: Samsung galaxy m10 gives a sporty sleek and posh-polished exterior. It also comes in delighting color flavors for end-users to choose from; that is, Ocean blue and charcoal black.

10. It Contains an active noise cancellation feature and 3.5mm jack: This device can produce high-quality sound through its speaker. It also has a 3.5mm audio jack as well as a specially designed and incorporated microphone for crystal-clear sound input.

The limitations of Galaxy M10 include:


1. Lacks gorilla glass protector: Just like in other smartphones which have gorilla glass protector, Galaxy M10 lacks this feature. This is a huge setback to this device.

2. Its battery is non-removable: If the inbuilt battery gets messed up, it will be very disastrous due to its non-removable nature. To remove the battery, some few screws may need to be opened which is not always that easy to the user.

3. Lacks compass: This smartphone doesn’t have a compass that is used along with the physical map to easily determine directions.

4. Does not detect temperature changes: Thermal sensors that are absent may also result in user dissatisfaction.

5. Does not support wireless charging: Wireless charging is a new charging technology. It involves the transmission of powered magnetic fields from a generating coil and creating an induction on a coil embedded on the phone to be charged. It is later transformed into electric currents. This technology is absent in Samsung galaxy M10.

6. Lacks a barometer: Scientists need a barometer to measure pressure conditions in the surroundings whereas this tool is absent which may chase away science enthusiasts.

7. Low camera details while in darkness: Although the device has a superb cam, it struggles with taking photos in low light conditions.

8. Slowed charging: Users have to wait a bit longer so as to fully charge the battery.

9. The processor is a bit phased out: Although the processor offers brilliant performance, it`s not very comparable to the latest upgraded high tech processers currently being used.

10. Few colors to choose from: It mainly comes in two colors: Ocean blue and charcoal black which may be a narrow option among its users.

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