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Pros and Cons of Chromebook

Just like other laptops which run Windows and Mac operating system, Chromebook runs Google chrome OS. The Chrome OS gives access to a variety of online applications and content.

Although the Chromebook is not a full desktop OS like Windows, it has the same functionalities as Windows OS. Look at the some of the pros and cons of a Chromebook computer before making your buying decisions.



1. Uses Google ecosystem: Chromebook runs on Google OS with a wide range of free applications to use. Opening the apps through the Chromebook provides a great user experience compared to when accessing them via other platforms.

2. Battery life: Compared to other laptops, Chromebook has an exceptional battery life which can serve you to a maximum of 9 hours.

3. Cost: Chromebook laptops are much cheaper compared to other types of laptops.

4. Android apps: You can install your favorite Android apps on your laptop. This allows you to download the apps in Chrome store and Google play store in one device.

5. On-screen touch-screen keyboard: The on-screen keyboard can recognize your writing and scribbles giving you choices on the text input.

6. Durability: Chromebooks are designed to withstand extreme temperatures, falls, scratches, and other minor disasters.

7. Speed: Chromebook is faster in running of apps. The OS is efficient and fast compared to other OS which experiences lag when you run apps with high specifications.

8. Security features: Some laptops have inbuilt trusted platform module which acts as a security chip to manage and protect passwords and malicious viruses.

9. Portability: Chromebook laptops are made of lightweight material making them more combat and easy to carry around.

10. Parental control: Chromebook laptops help you create a supervised account which enables you to track and limit what your children do online.



1. Offline use: Chrome relies heavily on the internet thus, many apps will not be able to work offline. There are other Android apps being designed which can work offline.

2. Games: There are a few games you can play from the Chromebook device compared to a wide selection of games which can be played in windows platform.

3. Graphics: The Chromebook laptops have limited graphics processing power, therefore you can install games more graphics demanding titles.

4. Keyboard issues: Chromebook comes with a new set of keyboard shortcuts which may take you some time to get used to them especially when used to windows shortcut keys. It also has a dedicated search key instead of caps lock key.

5. No external DVD drive: If you love watching movies you have to watch them online through Netflix or Google play movie streaming since it doesn’t support watch movie from an external DVD drive.

6Office product: It doesn’t allow you to install the Microsoft office product. The platform only allows you to use similar Google Office-like services. The services lack some functionality features found in Microsoft office product.

7No Photoshop: You can’t use Photoshop or any other Adobe desktop software in a Chromebook laptop. If you need to use Photoshop, you have to look for a similar online application.

8. Limited storage: The laptop can support up to 32GB of local storage making them cheaper. It also offers free 100GB of data in the cloud.

9. Printing: Chromebook laptops require you to use Google Cloud Print to print any document from your machine. This may take some time to set up.

10. Compatibility: There are few apps which are compatible with the Chromebook, unlike windows which are compatible with a wide number of applications.

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  1. Issak

    I don’t know why the Chromebooks do not have a DVD slot so you can watch a movie. The other computers do have them but not Chromebooks… THAT DOESN’T MAKE ANY SCENE

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