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Pros and Cons of PS4

PlayStation 4 is among the popular gaming consoles in the market. It has a large library of games, a refined controller, and a console design with an array of online connected services.

PS4 offers you HD media streaming and online games.

The Sony PlayStation acts as a plethora of multiple games, a rich assortment of accessories, and an array of various multimedia options. They all make a central piece of your home entertainment setup.



1. 4K resolution: The controller supports media playback with up to 4K resolution, although the gaming is limited to 1080p. The console plugs into your TV via the HDMI cable.

2. Customization: You can customize the controller based on your needs. Many third-party companies allow you to purchase the controller that you’ve customized the color scheme for an extra cost.

3. Share button feature: The share button allows you to capture in-game video and take screenshots that can be shared with friends through the PlayStation network, social media, or using the site.

4. Touchpad: Sony incorporates a touch screen and a share button in their DualShock 4 controller to make it easy to operate the controller and support in-game play streamed live to friends.

5. Excellent graphics performance: The console is built with gaming PCs and it has an eight-core-64 bit AMD Jaguar processor paired with 8GB of RAM and AMD Radeon-based graphics to provide you with a high-quality gaming experience and better graphics performance.

6. Access to online services: PS4 is built for use over the PlayStation Network and also has some online features like online multiplayer gaming, voice chat, and messaging for use by online players.

7. Wide channels: Once you subscribe to the PS Vue package at an extra monthly subscription fee, you can access multiple channels including AMC, Comedy Central, Food Network, and a lot of sports channels.

8. Powerful next-gen console: PS4 has an extensible GPU which increases the performance of the console and can launch games running at 1080p.

9. Cost-effective: Compared to Microsoft’s Xbox one which costs $500, the Sony PS4 is cheaper and sold at a price of $100.

10. Refined console: PS4 is the most refined games console Sony has ever built. It is multipurpose-built and combines an array of modest and collectively gratifying updates. The console has the smartest updates to a gamepad in years.


1. Online fee: To play online with others, you have to pay a $50 a year membership subscription for PlayStation Plus. PS3 allows users to play online for free via the PlayStation network.

2. Weak inventory: The initial game library for PS4 is a ho-hum affair. Apart from the Sony major exclusive games, PS4 houses games from other developers which are also available on other consoles.

3. No PC streaming: PS4 doesn’t support media servers or third-party services like PlayOn. It can’t stream audio-video content from your home media server.

4. Music limitations: The new PS4 doesn’t play audio discs like CDs, SACDs, and MP3 instead, it is pushing for unlimited cloud-based music subscription services.

5. No backward compatibility: PS4 is not compatible with PS3 game discs or older PlayStation consoles. It doesn’t support PS3 accessories like the read-only Blue-ray drive which also supports DVD playback.

6. No Wii remote of next-gen: Sony PlayStation 4 doesn’t support Wii Remote of next-gen or PS Vita Remote Play. It also doesn’t support the iOS and Android PlayStation apps.

7. No Kinect-caliber voice recognition: PS4 is not integrated with your TV to offer Kinect-caliber voice recognition. It has limited live video apps like Netflix and troves of TV shows and movies for rent or purchase.
There are also fewer servers to rely on for cloud functionality

8. Super Mario 64 of next-gen: Sony PS4 doesn’t offer super Mario 64 next-gen if you’re looking forward to playing the game via the console.

9. Limits on recording video: It limits your recording for gameplay footage. It can only record the last 15 minutes of the game you’re playing. This footage can only be shared through Facebook.

10. No copying of footage: You can’t copy the gameplay footage to your PC in order to edit it or add narration to it.

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