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Pros and Cons of Xbox One X

Xbox one x is the world’s most powerful console and offers a 4K HDR gaming experience to console gamers.

Xbox One X has powerful internal components and a powerful console that supports Xbox one games with enhanced graphics.



1. 4K visuals: It has a 4K Blue-ray player which is ideal for movie fans. It is more powerful than any other console and the users will have a great 4K gaming experience.

2. Improve graphical performance: Xbox one X console boasts graphical performance in some games up to six teraflops of power.

3. Smooth gameplay: One X console provides smoother gameplay and it doesn’t produce any noise while running. The 8-core custom AMD CPU provides enhanced AI and smooth interactions to your games.

4. Powerful: One X is the smallest and more powerful console from Microsoft and it uses a vapor chamber cooling system to provide power in the box. The box is four times more powerful than one S.

5. Sleek and stylish design: One X has a matte black monolithic body that can fit perfectly well in your entertainment center without being obstructive. One X has a sleek and stylish look compared to Xbox One or PS4 which looks like slices of bread kept at top of each other.

6. More memory: The console has 12 GB GDDR5 of graphics memory which adds to the speed and performance to enable bigger worlds and quick load times.

7. Cooling system: Xbox one X has a cooling and power delivery system which ensures temperatures are maintained low and the efficiency of the console is increased.

8. Backward compatibility: The console has a backward compatibility feature. It allows you to play games on Xbox One.

9. Powerful processor: One X uses a 6 teraflop GPU processor powerful enough to run all the Xbox one games without any lag or frame drop. The 4K characters are more realistic and provide smooth animation.

10. Faster load times: Xbox one X facilitates a faster load of graphics and has a memory bandwidth of 326 GB/sec to keep the gaming momentum flowing.


1. Expensive: Compared to other PlayStation Xbox One X consoles is very expensive. The cheapest bundle cost $499.

2. Quality of graphics: The quality of the graphics vary based on each game. Any game played on original Xbox one hardware may have a different quality when played with Xbox one X which plays on a game-by-game basis.

3. Require 4K TV: You need to have a 4K TV to play all 4K exclusives and have a fantastic experience.

4. Lack of Virtual reality: There are no plans for Xbox X one console in virtual reality. The console doesn’t support virtual reality games.

5. Internet Accessibility: The console requires a stable internet connection of at least 5MBPS and allows users to access a selection of certain games.

6. Exclusively available on Windows: One X console is always available on Windows 10, therefore, if you have a gaming PC you will not get exclusive games.

7. Customer care services: Customer care support in areas where PS4 dominates, you will face problems when seeking support like in India.

8. Active subscription: Each bundle requires active subscriptions and the games catalog varies over time. If you want to play Sea of Thieves, you need to have Xbox Live Gold which is sold separately.

9. Xbox Kinetic adapter: The Xbox Kinetic adapter is required to run kinetic in one X but you have to pay for it separately.

10. Limited cross-device play: There is a limited number of games that support cross-device play.

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