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Pros and cons of Cocaine

Cocaine, derived from the Cocoa plant, is a remarkably captivating substance. As a tropane alkaloid and stimulant, it offers a multitude of benefits and drawbacks to those who partake. Nevertheless, in certain nations, the utilization of this substance is deemed unlawful. Now, let us delve into the prevalent advantages and disadvantages associated with the consumption of cocaine.

Pros of Cocaine

Below are some of the advantages of cocaine as perceived by users.

1. Excitement- It is widely believed that cocaine enhances the levels of exhilaration. For numerous individuals, this substance serves as their ultimate joy inducer. Consequently, when they partake in it during moments of melancholy, it can effectively function as a stimulant of excitement at social gatherings or festive occasions.

2. Relaxed Feelings- Cocaine helps its users to have a relaxed feeling. This stimulant has the effect of giving the user feelings of being high. This feeling is vital to people suffering from stress-related diseases. Cocaine alters the functioning of the brain cells by introducing illusions in the brain. These illusions are responsible for relaxing the mind.

3. Improved quality of lovemaking- Cocaine helps to improve the love feelings towards each other. Cocaine is a good alternative to Viagra as it can be used to treat erectile dysfunction. It is perceived that this drug, cocaine, gives more energy during sex. As a result of this, there’s better sex.

4. Reduces shyness – Shyness is an emotion that many people try to avoid using all means. Taking Cocaine is one of the measures that can be used to lessen shyness. It gives one added courage, and thus this helps in reducing shyness to its user.

5. Improves creativity- apart from its ability to make the mind feel relaxed, cocaine also improves the level of creativity. Cocaine users are believed to be more creative when they are under the influence of it. After taking this drug, it alters the proper functioning of the brain. Therefore, making one more creative.

6. Good Communication- cocaine helps in easing communication among the involved parties. As discussed earlier, cocaine can reduce shyness and give self-confidence. These two effects of cocaine are vital in improving the communication between the parties involved.

7. Improves sensitivity- cocaine users have an extreme sensitivity to things around them. They can easily detect when touched even by a small object. Also, they can detect changes in light and sound produced by neighboring objects. This is a positive effect of cocaine as it may help the victim to avoid various dangers.

8. Less sleep- when you have a task to do overnight, you try as much as possible to avoid sleep. Alternatively, you have an alarm clock that wakes you after a few hours of sleep. However, cocaine users do not have to undergo all the mentioned ways to avoid sleep. They only take the drug and all their sleeping needs are covered. Cocaine makes the mind active, thus reducing the sleeping rate.

9. Increased appetite- Cocaine has proved to be a good appetite activator for the last few years. People experiencing poor appetite conditions can take a small quantity of cocaine to improve their appetite.

Note: This drug may have other negative effects on your health.

10. More energetic – Cocaine consumers are less easily tired. Therefore they can do a task for longer hours as compared to non-users.

Cons of Cocaine

Numerous disadvantages are associated with cocaine. Some of these cons are;

1. Unpleasant dreams– Cocaine is the mother of hallucinations that are created within the mind. These hallucinations may result in unpleasant dreams. These unpleasant dreams may have negative consequences for the victim.

2. Insomnia- many cocaine users suffer from insomnia (a sleeping disorder). Cocaine gives the user intense energy that lasts for a long, and this can lead to insomnia.

3. Mood problems- Although it makes one feel excited, it can also change the feelings easily. It causes mood problems to its users.

4. Delay thinking –cocaine affects the brain’s thinking speed. Cocaine users are likely to experience problems when making decisions and when carrying out other mind-related tasks. It can be a long-term effect of cocaine on its users.

5. Lung damage and lung-related diseases- Cocaine can be a threat to the health of one’s lungs. Cocaine is smoked, and thus the buildup of smoke in the lungs may lead to lung cancer and other diseases. Also, the cocaine crystal may enter into the lungs leading to blockage of the windpipe. Therefore, it is advisable to avoid taking cocaine for the health of your lungs.

6. Causes paranoia- Paranoia is a feeling that people around you are dangerous.
Cocaine has chemicals the make people paranoid for some time. Once the drugs leave your mind, paranoia disease leaves too. People suffering from paranoia may be dangerous to themselves and other people also.

7. May cause seizure- Seizure is an abnormal activity that occurs within the mind.
Cocaine is a major cause of seizure disease. In serious cases, these diseases may lead to other brain disorders such as convulsion and unconsciousness. This disease is characterized by body shaking uncontrollably. To avoid such diseases, you need to stay away from cocaine.

8. Addiction- just like any other drug, cocaine is addictive. The brain is greatly affected as it cannot function well if the user has not consumed cocaine. This addiction is likely to introduce new diseases to the body of the user.

9. Loss of money- cocaine is expensive to obtain, and thus this leads to a loss of money in purchasing it. As a result of addiction, the user ends up wasting a lot of money.

10. Leads to heart disorders- continued use of cocaine can lead to heart disorders like heart attacks. Chemicals present in cocaine diffuse into the blood and later into the heart. On the heart, these chemicals alter its proper functioning thus resulting in heart disorders. If not controlled, these heart disorders may lead to death.

11. Bad breath- people who smoke cocaine are associated with bad breath. Teeth decay as a result of chemicals from cocaine is one of the causes of bad breath.

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