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Pros and cons of dropping out of school

Dropping out of school has never been on the plate of many people as a to-do thing. This is because school is often considered the key to success in adulthood. However, there are people who have dropped out of school and gone on to make a huge fortune them. But it should be remembered that even for those who have dropped out of school, the fortune they made was as a result of the school they went to before dropping out.



1. You don’t have to spend 4 years doing schoolwork: One of the greatest advantages of dropping out of school is the fact that you do not have to spend 4 years of your time going through school and doing a lot of school work.

2. You can get a job to help your family out: It is easier to get some sort of job while you are out of school to help your family out than it is when you are in school.

3. You feel responsible: Some people feel more responsible when they drop out of school to go and take care of their families at home. While this may not always be easy, for some it is the only option available.

4. You feel happy that you won’t have to follow rules: There is always the excitement of not having to follow rules when you are not in school. Some people find it really hard to stick to certain rules and regulations and dropping out would come as a welcome idea.

5. You can make your own decisions: It is easier to start making your own decisions when you drop out of school because you become your own person and do not have to follow any particular rules within a given enclave.

6. You can get a job: Some people drop out of school and go on to secure jobs that help them take care of their families. Dropping out of school and getting a job means you start out your life earlier.

7. You can start a business: Once you drop out of school, you can easily start a business that can sustain you and your family for some time.

8. You have so much time in your hands: Dropping out of school means you have so much time in your hands to do the things that you want to do. This is because you do not have to work on schoolwork all the time.

9. No school homework: The best part about dropping out of school is that there is no schoolwork or homework to be carried home at the end of each school day.

10. No bothering with college applications: Dropping out of school means you do not have to start applying for college. You, therefore, do not have to worry about college applications and whether they will be accepted or rejected.



1. You are more likely to be unemployed: There is a very high chance that you will be unemployed if you drop out of school before completing your studies.

2. If you get a job, you earn nearly $10,000 less a year than someone with a diploma: You will never make as much money as someone who has gone to school unless you start your own business and succeed at it.

3. You have a higher chance of being incarcerated: There is a very high likelihood that you will end up being incarcerated at some point in your life if you drop out of school.

4. You are more likely to face poverty: those who drop out of school without any plans, stare at poverty in the face without the option of getting out of it.

5. You have a lifespan that is nine years less than people who graduate: Statistically, you may have a shorter lifespan than people who have gone to school and have been empowered.

6. Single parenthood: More likely than high school graduates to get divorced and be single parents of children who also drop out of high school.

7. You can be a bad influence on people your age and/or younger: You will obviously be a bad influence to your peers who have gone to school and have a better chance at life than those who have not.

8. You’re going to wish that you never made this mistake: There is always a life of regrets for those who dropped out of school. They always wish they never made that mistake and for many of them, they would jump at the opportunity to start over.

9. It’s harder to get by in life without an education: it is not only harder, but it might also even be impossible for some people. They end up committing suicide.

10. You will lose respect among your peers: It is a no-brainer that those who have not gone to school will have very little to add to the body of knowledge than those who have gone to school.

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  1. Austin

    look at 50 cent, he dropped out and he still gets respect and hes a millionaire, so your lying to to people that are reading this

    1. Alex

      He’s the 1% of the 1%

    2. pablo

      thank you for the info I am thinking of dropping out

  2. steven

    what kid of statistics are these? it makes it seem like the end of the world, single parenthood and bad influence? according to who?

    1. Emmenuel

      Dropping out of school because of financial in capability is not a crime but also, no one recognize a failed drop out but a failed graduate still has something to hold on to

  3. Skeptic

    Can I get some sources? Also the pros are like “Well I guess college doesnt matter” and the cos are like “Guess I’ll go kill myself”. It just seems a bit biased.

  4. Nick

    PSA. These “facts” are false, if you lookup any of these, they are all false.

  5. Sunshinelollypop

    This is total bullshit. False information. After reading this, I am thinking of dropping out, becoming successful, and proving you wrong. Well, I am not sure about the last part, but still, this article sucks. This is such a demotivation for people who do badly in school but have other ideas after dropping out. Those who wrote this probably have dropped out of high school themselves. Good luck!

  6. Dan in Denver

    Coming from someone who was kicked out of high school because I just didnt care: Dont paint a false rosy picture as you visualize glorious freedom from ridiculous schoolwork and seemingly senseless / strict parental rules. Fifty cent, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates are exceptions. I had to end up in jail to finally realize that if I didnt get a college degree I was going to ultimately end up living paycheck to paycheck until an emergency came along then homeless. Dont blow the opportunity to accept help from parents while you drag high school across the finish line- just make the decision and dont look back : like driving through a dark tunnel, you just have to trust that finishing high school and getting a college degree will ultimately secure your future and enable the life you are dreaming of. Bill Gates, Michael Dell and Mark Zuckerberg developed their business while they were in school. Dont make the mistake of simply assuming you can do the same thing without some form of higher education or a decent support system. In life you need to plan for the worst and hope for the best. Dont- dont- dont drop of high school

  7. var

    bro. I see the cons and i see how i dont apply to them even if i dropped out. i’m getting more and more tempted to drop out of this dumbass system.

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