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Pros and cons transferring colleges

Transferring from one college to another may work well for some students. However, it may also turn out to be a nightmare for others who may not be ready for the transition that comes with the movement. There are a number of advantages and disadvantages that come with transferring colleges.


1. You get to upgrade schools: Transferring colleges will help you to get an upgrade of schools. From studying to a low tier university, you will get a opportunity to study at a high end university that has better facilities.

2. New experiences and new friends: Transferring colleges gives you an opportunity to find new friends and go through new experiences. This also plays an important part in opening up your thinking and perspectives in life.

3. Personal growth: Transferring colleges helps in building an individual’s capacity and also developing them personally.

4. Get to a school that fits your needs: Transferring colleges will give you an opportunity to get to a school that fits your educational needs. This helps you to pursue your goals from an institution that guarantees success.

5. Get to study at your first choice college: For those who missed the first choice opportunity to get to their college of choice, they can get an opportunity to study at the first choice university which is an added advantage.

6. Save a lot of money: You may end up saving a lot of money by transferring from one college to another. This is because you do not have to pay the entire amount of tuition fees since you will most likely transfer your credits as well.

7. Better academic fit: You will become a better academic fit after you transfer to another college of your choice because you will have access to facilities and resources that you were initially not able to access.

8. Better social fit: You will because a better social fit if you transfer from one college to another because you will be able to interact with people from different walks of life.

9. Get a better and new perspective: By transferring colleges, you are able to acquire new and better perspective about situations and life and this gives you the ability to deal with numerous challenges in life.

10. Graduate with a desired degree: You will be able to graduate with your desired degree after four years of studying unlike if you were studying in another university.


1. Credits don’t always transfer: By transferring colleges, you may not be able to transfer all credits to the next college which makes it difficult to catch up with the rest.

2. You leave people and landmarks behind: There is always the risk of losing people and friends you knew about and starting to make new friends. You will also lose landmarks that you are used to.

3. It can postpone stability: Transferring colleges may create a certain level of instability in a child which means that they may be required to take a longer time to stabilize in school which may have a negative effect on their studies.

4. You may lose some credits: Some students end up losing some of their credits when they transfer to new colleges.

5. Start afresh in the new school: For a student, starting afresh in a new school may be difficult because they have to start the process of adjusting to the new environment all over again. For some students, coping with this may be tough.

6. Culture shock: Moving from one college to another always brings a sense of culture shock in the student. This is especially so if the student moves from a lower cadre school to a high cadre school.

7. Delayed graduation: Transferring colleges may mean a student has to postpone his graduation because of the extended school hours.

8. May experience financial strain: There is also the risk of experiencing financial strain when one moves from a low tier college to a higher tier college.

9. Possibility of losing out on financial aid: There is also the risk losing out on financial aid especially if you are on a scholarship because the aid may not be transferred to the new school.

10. New learning environment: The fact that you are moving to a new learning environment means that you will have a lot to learn and adapt outside of the classroom which also eats into your time in school.

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