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Pros and cons of Physical Education

Physical education continues to be an integral part of the growth and development of any child or student in the lower and upper levels of learning. While others may argue against incorporating this subject as part of the school curricular, it is obvious that the benefits of PE far outweigh the negatives. Below are some of the pros and cons of PE.



1. Makes students healthy: Physical Education involves a lot of exercises that play an important role in keeping students healthy during their time in school. It helps in burning down calories that may, later on, result in lifestyle diseases.

2. Builds students’ character: Physical Education always has the potential of building the character of the child because it creates a certain level of responsibility in the child and ensures the child remains disciplined.

3. It is a pleasure to do physical activities: It is always a rewarding experience to do Physical Education because of the physical activities associated with it.

4. It is rewarding: There is no instance where Physical Education has turned out to work against the student apart from extreme cases where the child became disabled as a result of an accident. The rewards associated with physical education are immeasurable.

5. It takes place outside of the classroom which makes it refreshing: The fact that Physical Education takes place outside of the classroom confines gives it a refreshing feature that breaks the classroom monotony.

6. It helps break the monotony of school routine: Physical Education plays an important role in breaking the monotony of the routine that is classwork. Students are accorded the opportunity to do classes outside of the class.

7. Helps students keep fit: Students have a golden opportunity to keep fit even if it is not part of their plan. This helps them stay in shape for the longest time even after completing school.

8. It may nurture talent which turns out to be a career: The best thing about Physical Education is that it is an opportunity for the student to nurture an inborn talent that may turn out to be a career for the student.

9. Reduces chances of illness: Physical Education being a physical exercises kind of arrangement creates an environment where it is difficult for a child to develop lifestyle diseases.

10. It’s a motivator for children to attend school: In many instances, Physical Education plays a role as a primary motivator for the students to attend school.



1. Eats into the study time: There is always the risk of Physical Education taking too much of the student’s time and therefore affecting the grades in cases where the student cannot balance the two.

2. Requires extra effort: Physical Education requires the student to invest extra effort in their school work because they have to find a balance between academic work and the physical education demands.

3. Is not meant for everyone: Like everything else, not everyone was cut out for Physical Education. Some people are naturals about it while others will struggle to create a balance.

4. There is potential for bullying: There is always the risk of students being bullied in the fields during physical education classes. Although the incidences are few, they are usually very unfortunate if they occur.

5. Interferes with academic course load: Physical Education will always come between the student’s academic work and the expectations of the sport. It requires the student to be disciplined enough to balance the two effectively.

6. It is an extra cost to the student: The student will always have to bear the extra cost associated with Physical Education in terms of additional sports gear needed and activity fees.

7. Some teachers are forced to work extra hours: It is always a sacrifice for both students and teachers in any instance where Physical Education is a factor.

8. Some talents may not be fully nurtured: In some instances, the student’s talent may not be in sports and yet Physical Education is meant for sporting activities. This will ultimately disadvantage the student.

9. Disabled children may be disadvantaged: Students who are disabled and cannot partake of Physical Education will always be disadvantaged and this does not sit well with them.

10. Students are prone to injuries: Physical Education is just that; physical. If a student gets injured in the course of doing physical activities it is always an unfortunate occurrence.

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  1. Meghan

    As Health and physical education university students in an accredited teacher training program, we believe that the information presented is unsubstantiated and does a disservice to school age children who could whole-heartedly benefit from a well designed program that addresses cognitive, psychomotor, and affective domains. Furthermore, given the high rates obesity in this country, physical education serves a necessary purpose in a child’s education.

    University Of New Hampshire HPE program

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    2. Meli

      If anyone is writing a why pe shouldn’t be a requirement to graduate for your argument essay here’s what I put for the into for inspo. So body 1 It was based on why they should focus more on actual academic classes instead of playing basketball. Witch pe should just be an elective at this point. For body 2 it’s about injuries and disadvantages. Hope this helps!,

      Not dressing for gym class and not participating can effectively keep you from not walking across the stage at graduation side by side with your friends, stopping you from being able to continue on with the next step in life. This is disadvantageous as well as embarrassing. These facts relate to the debate surrounding, “Should students be forced to take four years of PE in order to graduate?” Based on the background info supporting this debate, both sides have very good information backing up there belief. However, it is clear that PE should not be required to graduate because gym is not a measure of academic success and it creates the potential for injuries.

      If u need help or questions message me on insta Melionpluto (my teacher said this was good so if it’s bad I apologize TT)

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    P.E stresses me out. I want to get better, but whenever I try people always put me down. Ugh!

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