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Pros and Cons of Sororities

A society comprising of female students in college or university is a sorority. Amidst the huge number of college and university students, joining the sorority allows you to be a part of a community you can claim ownership of. Society is a place to give back, learn what matters to you personally, engage and socialize. The experience creates memories during the college academic years. Considerations have to be made when one is deciding to find a favorable organization for them. The advantages and disadvantages of joining sororities should be evaluated well for a conclusion to be made.

Pros of Sororities

College life, or rather the undergraduate life, is not only focused on studying then taking exams. One should make self-improvements and create a solid network of lifelong friends made easier by sororities. Among the advantages include;

1. Networking: Joining and being part of a sorority allows one to network as the connections created are vast. Most of the ladies would share the alumni relations and their experiences as they might have maintained a solid network.

2. Campus Involvement: Becoming involved when one is joining a different or new school is intimidating. Campus involvement is made easier by joining a sorority. Being part of society gives one a chance to meet new people, participate in more events and be active in community service activities. Sororities shape students who become all-rounded as they are more involved and social.

3. Academics: To be part of a sorority, a GPA requirement must be attained to be initiated into the sisterhood. The fall of GPA leads to one being put on probation which is a greater motivation for the ladies to put their education first before social life. The requirement is not difficult to manage as study rooms are provided on the campus.

4. Adulthood: A sorority is supportive on the journey to adulthood as by the end of four years on campus, one is a step further towards adulthood. This group plays a role in encouraging people to develop their talents and remain firm in their beliefs. One is inspired to be more hardworking, caring, boost self-esteem and confidence.

5. Learn new skills: Being a member of a sorority presents you with chances to plan and organize events, which builds new skills that are not gained by studying alone.

6. Volunteer: In Greek life, volunteering is significant, and being part of a sorority encourages one to be part of philanthropy events that require their energy and time. One can also take such opportunities to give back to the community.

7. Building the resume: The involvement with a sorority is a boost to your resume. Employers who might consider the qualities and skills gained from sororities get to hire you compared to the others. The inclusion of such experiences makes a candidate more marketable and gives them higher chances of securing a slot.

8. Leadership skills: Some opportunities encourage one to go beyond being just an average member of the sorority as leadership skills are impacted. Once you get to be a leader, the decisions you make impact the group, which is a training ground for future skills.

9. Social events: Sororities are more than mere date nights and parties. They give students chances to maintain a healthy social life while in college. The events by sororities are manageable and organized, thus favorable.

10. Tradition. Greek life is different, and sororities help one be part of something that existed long before and will still be there after you.

Cons of Sororities

On the other hand, sororities come with several disadvantages.

1. Cost: In some cases, sororities are expensive. During recruitment, the exact amount is not given, and one ends up spending more than what they had initially planned for. Purchasing tickets and having the appropriate attire for given events adds up to the cost.

2. Time: Being part of a sorority demands a lot of time and energy, which, if not well managed, can lead to an imbalance with the academic side of life. Time is a big con for students, especially on campuses where attendance is taken seriously.

3. Too demanding: Part of living in a sorority can be very demanding. Charitable efforts and volunteer hours sometimes are not optional, and it makes it challenging for the students to find time for other activities, including their studies.

4. Limited social life experiences. Members of the sororities have a support system and homes provided by the community, limiting their ability to develop relationships with non-member students.

5. Dangerous behaviors: There is a perception that sororities are involved in much drinking and parties, especially during hazing. This exposes the members to physical risks and legal charges for underage members.

6. Academic distractions: Sorority involvement is quite time-consuming as the members participate in events, dances, and dinners, among other events. These distractions pose challenges to those who have not worked on balancing their academic and social life.

7. Minority discrimination: Racism remains predominant in some colleges where people of the race are discriminated against. Cases of xenophobia, transphobia, and homophobia in colleges cannot be ignored.

8. Commitment can be isolating: If one makes a decision quickly without doing a background check on the organization, they might end up in the wrong group. Being around people, you are not comfortable with becomes isolating and exhausting.

9. Substance abuse: Social drinking is a common practice during the events of the sororities. Some of those games played during parties are drinking games which harm habits of alcohol consumption. Peer pressure also goes a long way to substance abuse.

10. Homogeneous membership: Most of the sororities are organized so that only the elite class stands to gain at the expense of the others. Members are disproportionately from specific socio-economic classes.


Joining a sorority can be a great college life experience. Raging from parties and dinners to philanthropy, the omen you interact with solid forge important future relationships. As much as there is the positive and negative side of sororities, I agree they are important in shaping one’s life. The negativities can be worked on by the individuals.

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