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Pros and Cons of UCLA

UCLA are initials that are globally used to represent the University of California, Los Angeles. It is a research university that is located in Los Angeles. It was founded in 1882 as the southern branch of the California State Normal School. In the year 1919, it became one of the ten oldest campuses and ranked as one of the best universities in California. UCLA is the home of many undergraduate and graduate degree programs as it offers more than 337 programs. It has several campuses this explains why it has many students.

Just like any other institution, UCLA has many advantages and several disadvantages that limit it from becoming the best University in the world.


Pros of UCLA

1. Clean and safe environment- The University and its surrounding areas are clean, and this creates a conducive environment for learning Also, few criminal activities are reported within the university walls, and therefore the safety of students and workers is maintained.

2. Excellent academics- the University offers quality education to its students, and this makes it to be ranked among the best universities. Also, the University’s connection to the job market is very vital to its students.

3. A variety of resources- UCLA has a variety of resources that ensures learning runs smoothly. Some of the resources that are available in the varsity are financial support, food security, health facilities, etc.

4. Location- the University is strategically positioned, and therefore, this makes it accessible to all people across the world.

5. Amazing foods- unlike other institutions where low-quality foods are offered, here in UCLA, amazing dorm foods are served. There’s also a large variety of food for undergraduates that are allergy-friendly and free from pests.

6. Games –in this University, your fun life is covered as there are various games and sport that take place, ranging from athletics to ball games.


Cons of UCLA

1. Little rooms- despite the high number of students, the University has little rooms which are used as lecture rooms and hostels. This creates congestions in these rooms.

2. Problem with enrollment- due to a large number of students within the University, new students have the hardest time as they try to enroll themselves. This also poses a challenge when a student needs to transfer from one faculty to another.

3. No internal means of transport within the school- you have to walk within the University to get everywhere as no means of transport is offered by the schools. Students are forced to walk from hostels to classes that are over a mile away.

4. University is mainly research-based- UCLA is a research university, and this means many of its courses research-based. It is frustrating to the students who are interested in the schooling area of research.

5. Expensive- due to the quality of education and the variety of resources offered by the University, the fees, and other levies are higher. This poses a great challenge to students who come from needy families.

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