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Pros and cons of school

School is one of the oldest systems of education in the world. It is the place where children go to get knowledge and learn new life skills that would later be used in their adulthood. The school has been used as a yardstick to measure how knowledgeable one is depending on the level of school education attained by an individual. Below are some of the pros and cons of school.


1. Source of knowledge: School is the primary source of formal knowledge that is designed to shape the future knowledge database of the student. School provides this knowledge to students through teachers.

2. Encourages socialization: A school is an ideal place where children come together to interact and share new ideas from various backgrounds. This also serves to encourage socialization among students which play an important role in their future.

3. Boosts confidence: School is a great platform in which students can express themselves openly and freely without being judged. This also helps to boost the students’ confidence which comes in handy in their future.

4. Bolsters teamwork: School brings students from various backgrounds together towards a common purpose. By these students being able to work together, they develop their teamwork skills.

5. Varied perspectives: Schools helps students get a varied and diverse perspective about different subjects which helps the students adopt an open mind when dealing with issues and subject.

6. Preparation for the future: School is an institution designed to prepare children for the challenges of the future that they may face in their adulthood.

7. Comparative information: Through school, children are able to get information from various teachers and even from other students and compare this information. This way, they are able to adopt an open mind mentality.

8. Encourages competition: School setup is designed to bring the aspect of competition which in most cases encourages creativity and individuality.

9. It is a source of inspiration: School plays an important role in inspiring the students to be the best that they can be especially in relation to other children.

10. A sense of belonging: School brings together different students from all walks of life who eventually share a common goal and purpose in life. This ends up creating a sense of belonging among the children.



1. It is expensive: In most cases, keeping students in school is an expensive affair especially in instances where the parents have to foot the bill. This causes a financial strain on the parents.

2. Cutthroat competition can be harmful: In a school set up, all students are subjected to the same tests and measuring scale which creates cutthroat competition. This may sometimes affect other students negatively.

3. It may create confusion to a student: School setup uses the same measurement metrics to assess the ability of students which may confuse the students who would want to pursue something different.

4. Bad company may influence a child’s behavior: In school, there is all sort of people. Some of them may be of negative behaviors which may end up negatively influencing some students who are on the right path.

5. Spoon feeding hinders creativity: Schools sometimes spoon-feed students in a bid to receive favorable ratings in students’ success which tramples on the creativity of the students.

6. Favoritism is possible: Schools sometimes show open bias towards other students who may be seen to be better than others which affects other students’ performance.

7. Extracurricular activities may distort students: A lot of extracurricular activities sometimes associated with schooling may have a negative impact on the students while in school.

8. Exams are not fair measuring tools: Schools subject students to common examinations which in most cases are not fair tools of testing a student’s capability.

9. Schools are biased: Schools are usually biased in terms of student attention since most schools only want to be associated with high-performing students.

10. May affect self-esteem: The students’ self-esteem may be affected if they feel like they are not as good as their counterparts in class.

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