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Pros and Cons of G-Fuel

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G-Fuel is a natural energy drink tailored specifically for bodybuilders and acts as a pre-workout drink. The drink is a blend of a complex antioxidant component made from 19 different fruits. It is clean energy that enhances blood flow and repairs skin tissue.

Just like any other energy drink, g-fuel has various benefits and limitations. It contains 3 ingredient complexes; energy, focus, and antioxidant complex. Look at the following pros and cons of using g-fuel.



1. Alternative energy drink: G-fuel is used as a healthy alternative of energy drink compared to other energy drinks which contain caffeine and taurine combo. It gives you pure energy for your exercises.

2. Multiple flavors: It comes in green apple, mango, lemon-lime, pineapple, watermelon, blue ice, peach, and grape flavor.

3. Nootropic nutrition: G-fuel promotes nootropic nutrition resulting in a great performance in competitive activities. It boosts energy levels as well as sharpens one’s mind.

4. Antioxidants: The antioxidants components present in the drink protect tissue damage from intensive workouts. Antioxidants fight radicals in your cells leading to great performance.

5. Low calories: It has no added sugar and is also gluten-free making it a natural energy drink made from natural fruits and other ingredients.

6. Increased focus: G-Fuel makes you remain in a good state of mind while performing a strenuous activity like sports or athletics. A great flow state contributes to your success.

7. Taste good: G-Fuel is a blend of different types of fruits making the drink taste awesome.

8. Clean stimulants: It contains Taurine, Caffeine Anhydrous, and Acetyl-L-Carnitine components which are safe and effective for human consumption.

9. Increase metabolic rate: The drink ensures all the ingested food components in the body are well assimilated into the body for its normal functioning. It can also boost stamina, strength and help in muscle building.

10. Promotes good health: The energy drink helps in obtaining the energy needed by the body. It helps burn excess fat layers in the skin and other body parts promoting good health.



1. Allergic reactions: The energy complexes can cause allergic reactions to users who are allergic to some of the supplements in the drink.

2. Availability: The products have not been able to reach a large number of users especially users in remote areas where there is no internet connection.

3. Artificial sweeteners and dye: To improve the taste of the energy drink, some artificial sweeteners and dyes are added to the drink.

4. No quick results: To get the desired results you have to take the right quantity combined with regular exercises and a quality diet for about two weeks.

5. Expensive: Due to the energy complex and antioxidant components contained in the drink, the cost is high compared to the costs of other energy drinks.

6Irritations: The drink contains 150g of Caffeine and this can cause some irritation to a few users who are affected by caffeine products.

7Unfocused: the drink is not a straight pre-workout formula but an energy formula for bodybuilding and sports. It does not give you a pump while at the gym.

8. Age limit: It should not be given to children below 12 years due to the caffeine component in the drink although children consuming caffeine daily is good to maintain a safe threshold for your kids.

9. Pregnant women: Pregnant women, diabetic people, and others with a medical condition should consult the doctor before taking the supplement.

10. Delivery time: Once you order the product online, it may take some time before it is delivered.

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  1. Jesse Lazenby

    Haha Theres no eyes in G Fuel, it says so right on the packaging. And the high cost? Its $30, free shipping from Amazon for 40 servings, that equals 0.75 a drink, even doubled that’s less than any big name energy drink (Red Bull, Monster, Rockstar and Bang all cost $2+).

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