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Pros and Cons of Wind energy

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Wind energy is one of the growing sources of energy in the world. The electricity produced helps reduce reliance on fossil fuel. Wind currents transfer kinetic energy to the turbine blades connected to the tower in order to generate electricity.



1. Clean source of energy: Electricity produced through wind energy is clean and safe. Electricity production does not result in emissions of any greenhouse gases.

2. The cheapest form of energy: Compared to other sources of energy, wind power has low operational costs. Over the last two decades, the prices have decreased by 80% and they are expected to decrease more in the future.

3. Renewable source of energy: Currents produced by heat energy from the sun ensure wind power is available. This makes wind energy a renewable source of energy. As long as there is a sun, wind currents will be available.

4. Rapid growth: Wind power accounts for 2.5% of the total electricity production. This production is expected to grow at a rate of 25% per year.

5. No fuel cost: Once the turbines are installed, no fuel needed and this reduces operational costs. Some of the turbines may require little maintenance as compared to others.

6. Used everywhere: It can be used for both residential and commercial task in almost everywhere. Residents can generate their own electric power just as they would with solar panels.

7. Use modern technology: The modern wind turbines have a sleek modern look and have increased the amount of electricity generated compared to the rustic old windmills.

8. Built on existing firms: Wind turbines can be built on existing firms in rural areas which can act as a source of earning to the farmer.

9. Wind Potential: Wind power is 20 times more than the required power by the humans. The turbines yield energy to homeowners and protect them from any power outage.

10. Space-efficient: Wind turbines are space-efficient. A larger turbine can generate electricity to power 600 homes. The turbines can be placed further apart and the distance between them can be utilized for agricultural tasks.



1. Noise: The turbines produce a lot of noise making it a major problem for people who leave nearby.

2. Unsustainable: It is an intermittent source of energy and sometimes it may not meet the baseload energy demands for commercial or residential activities. To utilize energy, batteries or pumped hydro are used to store energy.

3. Inconsistent: The amount of wind in a given area may be inconsistent or unpredictable. Wind availability may not be constant thus the need for cost-effective storage facilities.

4. Suitable in specific areas: To harness wind energy, the turbines should be built in areas with high speed of the wind.

5. Wildlife threat: The rotating wind turbines are a threat to the birds and bats. The flying birds may not survive if they hit the turbine blades directly.

6. Heavy upfront investments: Installation of wind turbines and transmission lines in an area require high initial capital for both commercial and residential uses.

7. Footprints: As compared to solar and nuclear energy, the turbines leaves a small footprint on the land. This problem can be avoided if the turbines are built outside the urban areas.

8. Wind reliability: During the period with low wind, there is no electricity produced. The more the wind the higher the amount of electricity generated.

9. Safety of people: Damage to turbine blinds by storms may have safety hazard to the people working near the turban.

10. Aesthetic: Not everyone likes how the turbines look.

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