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Pros And Cons Of Sole F80 Treadmill

Sole f80 treadmill is a standard for home workout equipment. Consumers view it as the best treadmill in its range and have numerous consumer resources. The f80 treadmill steps up to an industry-leading warranty and the cushion flex whisper deck to reduce impact up to 40% as compared to running on asphalt.



1. Being a folding treadmill it doesn’t occupy much space; this makes it highly suitable for home use it does not occupy a lot of space in the house so it is space friendly. It favors even people who do not have big apartments which also makes it suit well in the house.

2. Sole F80 treadmill has an easy assist button; you can toggle to fold and unfold the treadmill rather than doing it manually. This makes it friendly to the users of the machine. It can be used by anybody in that it does not require a lot of strength or force to fold and unfold the machine.

3. Sole f80 treadmill has a series of features like Bluetooth connectivity; Bluetooth makes it more enjoyable especially for this generation where music is all they enjoy especially during such leisure time. Bluetooth is also included with two stereo speakers making the music better as the user is doing his/her exercises.

4. Sole f80 treadmill is automated for unfolding; this makes it more compatible that the user does not need to use the buttons but the machine can be set automatically. It also has cooling fans, two bottle holders, accessory tray, and 10 predefined programs.

5. Sole f80 treadmill has a track of 22″x 60″; which makes it wider than other treadmills and this makes it widely used. It can be used by athletes or serious runners around the continents and furthermore, it can as well be used by tall people comfortably.

6. The Sole f80 treadmill allows 37.5 pounds maximum weight; is such a huge weight that nobody flexible to use the treadmill can exceed that weight. Plus the lifetime warranty on frame motor and deck depicts that this treadmill is a rough and tough machine.

7. It has multiple push-button options to increase speed and incline; [included on the hand rails] this makes it easier that it can be used by a different kind of people training. This is where one can be able to limit the speed at which the user is free and can be able to work freely without injuries or accidents.

8. The machine is smartphone friendly; since it can sync with mobile apps to share data.

9. The machine has ample storage for personal items; such as phone keys and bottles.

10.15% Incline capability; the sole f80 treadmill machine has 15% inclines capability for strength building.


1. Sole f80 treadmill side rails are not as long as some runners would like; they prefer a treadmill with long side rails which makes them comfortable when running on a treadmill. If it was included with the long side rails, it would make it worthy and the best treadmill for each and every runner.

2. Assembling instructions of the Sole f80 treadmill is a bit hard to follow; 0nly because the diagrams included in the manual are not very big, this makes it expensive. When one buys the machine he/she is forced to hire somebody to come and make the installation. This may be costly to the buyer who preferred to follow the assembling instructions and assemble it easily without hiring somebody.

3. Besides being easily foldable the sole f80 treadmill is a heavy machine and moving it requires excessive strength; it needs some muscular being like men, not women to carry the machine. It is not recommended to move the treadmill from its position very often.

4. Sometimes can be referred to as a risky machine; due to that, it has the music system the runner may use so as to get entertained via the earphones. The runners may be carried away by the music and forget running on the treadmill which can probably lead to an accident.

5. Sole f80 treadmill has only ten workout programs including a user-designed manual; of which it can be more compatible and friendly if there are more workers on the programs. Some of the runners will prefer it as having more workouts

6. The machine sole f80 treadmill is suitable for healthy people and it doesn’t place a lot of stress on their joints; the main concerns are on any health condition that requires a less stressful workout. Hence the machine is not favorable for some people who have such health problems.

7. The lights on the screen of the machine can be so disturbing; You can’t reduce screen lights on the machine and this can affect the user especially during the night.

8. The machine has no alternative in case the electricity fails; if no electricity the runners practice is cut short. This may be very frustrating to the runner.

9. It has no preventive measures to the children; since you can keep the machine at home, there are no preventive measures. Children can tamper with the machine of which it can harm them.

10. It is so addictive; Out of all the facilities the sole f80 treadmill can offer it can be so addictive to the user hence sending a lot of time on it.

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