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Pros and Cons of 2 Percent Milk

With everyone always on the lookout for their health and weight, and intent review of the reduced-fat milk would be necessary to give the customers or users a clear view of the product. Some basic information to enlighten one on 2 percent milk is a look into the benefits and downplays of the product.



1. Bone Health: The milk contains a good amount of calcium of more than 20 percent in every 240mL cup. Calcium is good for the development of bones more so in children and for expectant mothers.

2. Boosting Immunity: It is rich in vitamins A and D which are essential in improving vision, supporting one’s immunity against pathogens, and helping in stimulating immune alerts or responses.

3. Effective Nutrient Absorption in the body: The composition of its fat and vitamin A is useful since they aid in the intake of other useful nutrients into the body system. This would guarantee persons having morning stomach upsets a free healthy diet and to expectant mothers a healthy fetal development.

4. Less Saturated fat and cholesterol content: Many would want to eat healthily and check their weight but have no idea of how to go about it; then the solution is profound. Including a glass of less saturated fat containing 2 percent milk is the key to a healthy diet.

5. Body tissue growth and development: Its protein content is just amazing to fail to mention its usefulness in tissue development and growth. The protein content is beneficial as it has low toxins and acids thus friendly to the body’s excretory system.

6. Energizing and Strengthening: A carbohydrate content of about 20 percent in every 240mL glass is worth giving you the daily dose of energy for your brain cells and the strength to undertake your duties. A glass every day will be your portion of zeal to do your tasks with a bright smile.


1. Calcium loss: Its high calcium content is a drawback. Milk from dairy sources is not a better way of acquiring calcium as they lead to a loss in calcium and also high intake of the same as more than one-third is incorporated in the body and on the other hand, two-thirds of it is lost.

2. Likely bone fractures: A large amount of its intake sees one with more animal proteins in the body compared to plant protein. There should be a balance of the two different proteins and this is harmful to one as it increases the likelihood of breaking a bone.

3. Iron Deficiency in young ones: The high levels of calcium and casein from the intake of 2 percent milk by young people make them vulnerable to iron-deficient conditions. These two nutrients present in high amounts reduce non-heme iron uptake thus an iron deficiency in the body.

4. High-fat concentration in the body: Its fat content is a challenge in maintaining blood fat concentration and a risk to cardiovascular heart problems.

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  1. Maurice HBank

    I am battling Prostatitis at 71 but so far no cancer. I would like to get off 2% but find 1% too thin. Still, it is better for your Prostate via vis Cancer. Anyone with advice please let me know.

    1. Nixx

      Maybe try Lactose-Free milk? I personally drink lactose-free milk, because I’m lactose intolerant and I think it gives around the same nutrients as 2% just without like the high fat concentration

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