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Pros and Cons of Apple Cider Vinegar

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Apple Cider Vinegar, ACV has several health benefits and can be taken to help in digestion and weight loss. The health benefits from the apple fruit vary based on its applications. This article will provide with the pros and cons of using ACV at home.



1. Help in losing weight: Drinking apple cider for about three months can help you reduce weight, reduce waist and any abdominal fat in your body. It reduces cholesterol levels in the body

2. Improve heart health: ACV contains malic acid which is suitable for clearing clogged arteries, tissue organs, and the lymph nodes.

3. Remove skin blemishes and discolorations: ACV is applied on the body to remove any warts, acne and any other skin condition leaving your skin smooth. Adding few drops of the vinegar to your bath water can help to improve your skin health.

4. Prevent bacteria growth: The acidity nature of the vinegar it can kill bacteria and prevents them from multiplying. It is used as a natural preservative.

5. Improve Insulin sensitivity: ACV improves insulin sensitivity and helps in lower blood sugar levels.

6. Treat cuts: It contains a natural astringent which can be used to treat all cuts and abrasions. It causes the tissue surrounding the cut area to contract.

7Kill cancer cells: Apple cider can kill cancer cells or inhibit their growth. A research carried out indicated that consuming the vinegar reduced the risk of having esophageal cancer.

8. Hair conditioner and facial toner: Due to its acidic nature, ACV normalizes the PH levels of your hair scalp affected by the alkaline shampoo and the facial cleanser.

9. Reduce heartburn: Taking vinegar help reduces heartburn or acid reflux caused by the stomach acid. Vinegar reduces the excessive stomach acid thus reducing the heartburn.

10. Slow aging process: Antioxidant component found in apple vinegar slows the aging process. Drinking vinegar can help maintain the acidity and alkaline role in your body preventing any premature aging.



1. Reduce blood sugar levels: If you’re diabetic avoid taking the ACV because it can increase blood sugar levels. The vinegar contains chromium which affects the insulin levels in your body. Closely monitor your blood sugar levels if you use ACV. It can also lead to gastroparesis.

2. Dangerous to the eyes: When applying the vinegar to the skin, care must be taken to avoid applying to the eyes. The acetic acid contained in it can cause contact burns to the skin.

3. Weaken bones: When taken in large quantities, it can decrease the potassium levels in the body and this weakens your bones, cause nausea or dizziness.

4. Digestion effects: ACV intake can cause side effects on digestion. It makes one feel full with no appetite to eat due to indigestion.

5. Throat burns: It damages the tissue around the throat causing some burns. Taking an ACV tablet cause more burns after it is lodged in one’s throat.

6Drug interactions: The alkaline drugs like Digoxin, diuretic, etc. when mixed with ACV acidity can react badly to our body.

7Damage of teeth enamel: Apple cider vinegar affects your teeth enamel and esophagus when taken directly. You should use a straw to avoid damaging your teeth enamel.

8. Itchy skin: Continuous consumption of ACV leads to dry and itchy skin especially if you have a sensitive skin.

9. Acne formation: Too much of apple vinegar will result in acne in the body instead of flushing them out the toxins.

10. Headache: The detoxification effect on the apple vinegar cause nausea and painful headache.

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