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Pros and Cons of Kombucha

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Kochumba is a fizzy beverage made of sugar, yeast, and fermented tea. The fermented drink contains probiotic bacteria which is essential for maintaining a strong immune system. The fermented black or green tea drink is made at home or bought from the food store. Let’s look at the pros and cons of this probiotic drink and why you should add it to your diet.



1. Gut health and digestive system: The fermented drink is rich in probiotic bacteria essential for the gut health. The probiotics can also support the digestive system and improve the immune system.

2. Promote mental health: Drinking probiotic-rich kombucha drink can aid in promoting good mental health, and treat depression.

3. Weight loss: Kombucha made from green tea can aid in weight loss. Green tea extracts burn calories contributing to weight loss.

4. Liver health: The antioxidants found in the drink help reduce liver toxins and fight molecules that damage body cells promoting a healthy liver and reducer liver inflammation.

5. Fight infections: A study carried out shows that the acetic acid from the fermented vinegar can kill microbes in the body and also help prevent infections by killing a range of bacteria that cause them.

6. Heart disease: Drinking Kombucha helps reduce cholesterol levels which are linked to heart diseases. Therefore, taking this drink can help reduce the risk of heart diseases.

7. Reduce cancer risk: Drinking kombucha can aid in reducing cancer risk by preventing the growth of cancer cells. It reduces prostate, colon and breast cancer.

8. Help manage type 2 diabetic: The drink can help manage type 2 diabetes by reducing blood sugar levels. The fermented green tea control blood sugar levels.

9. Healthy beverage: The probiotic rich carbonated drink has several health benefits. The commercial kombucha has low sugar levels and is alcohol-free.

10. Contain detoxifying compounds: The drink contains glucuronic acid which acts as a detoxifying component that excretes toxins from the body via urine or stool.



1. Heartburn: The drink has high levels of acidity, therefore, if you’re sensitive to acidity foods or heartburn, then this drink will not be good for your health.

2. Candida growth: Although the drink is known to boost the immune system, it can cause candida growth or inflammatory bowel problems to an individual with a weak immune system.

3. Contamination: If the drink is left to ferment for too long it may become contaminated especially when made at home. This cause more health problems rather than helping.

4. Reactions: There are people who experience a headache, bloating or allergic reactions after consuming the probiotic drink.

5. Health issues: The yeast and bacteria found in the drink can exacerbate some health issues essentially if not fermented correctly or prepared under unclean environments.

6. Digestive disorders: This carbonated drink is considered an alkaline-forming beverage with high acid levels. Consuming it for the first time can affect those with digestive disorders or have adverse effects to those with leaky gut.

7. Sugar content and caffeine: Commercial drink producers use varying quantities of sugar and caffeine thus affecting those sensitive to caffeine and high amount of artificially added sugar.

8. Lead to lactic acidosis and mythos: The drink can cause lactic acidosis which affects muscle inflammation and more acid in the muscles lead to muscle aches or pain.

9. Interfere with other medicines: It is not safe to take the drink if you’re under certain medication since some components in the drink can interfere with them.

10. Pregnant women: The drink is not safe for pregnant women or nursing mothers.

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