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Pros and Cons of Eating Mango

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Mangoes are not only sweet but have plenty of nutritional value in our bodies. Fruit can help you fight cancer, regulate diabetes, help in weight loss, and can also help solve digestion issues.

You can make a mango smoothie, use them as a salad, or even make tasty cubes. Mangoes are very healthy and have the following benefits and disadvantages in our bodies.



1. Skin cleanser: Eating plenty of mangoes helps unclog pores and make your skin look fresh. It can clear acne on your face if mango slices are placed on your face for 10-15 minutes or even make a body scrub from mango mixed with honey.

2. Reduce cholesterol levels: Mangoes are high in vitamin C, fibers, and pectin and they help in reducing cholesterol levels in the body. Fresh mango is rich in potassium which is required by body fluids and cells to regulate blood pressure and heart rate.

3. Help indigestion: If you’re having digestion issues, taking mangoes that are rich in vitamins and nutrients can aid in digestion problems by breaking down the proteins.

4. Control Diabetes: Taking slices of mango each day can control insulin levels in the body. Drinking filtrate of boiled mango leaves acts as a stomach tonic especially when you drink it on an empty stomach in the morning.

5. Combat cancer: Quercetin, Gallic acid, Fisetin, and astragalin antioxidants found in mango protect against prostate cancer, colon, and breast cancer.

6. Aphrodisiac: Mangoes can boost fertility in men. Some nutrients and vitamin E components found in mangoes help regulate sex hormones and boost sex drive.

7. Boost immunity: Vitamin A and C among other nutritious components in mango help maintain a strong immune system and also stay healthy.

8. Alkaline in the body: Mango is rich in Malic acid, tartaric acid, and other acidity components which can balance the alkalinity of your body.

9. Weight loss: Mangoes are rich in fiber, minerals, and vitamins which can easily boost the stomach digestion function thus contributing to the burning of excess calories in the body. This contributes to weight loss.

10. Iron for women: Mangoes are rich in iron and calcium which is recommended for people suffering from anemia and pregnant women. It can aid in menopause in women.


1. Cause diarrhea: Mango is rich in fiber and if you eat more than required, they will cause diarrhea.

2. Sugar levels: Mangoes are high in sugar and eating plenty of them can contribute to weight gain and can even affect diabetes people with too much sugar.

3. Arthritis patient: If you have arthritis, you should consume small amounts of mangoes. Diabetes patients should also take controlled portions of mango.

4. Digestion issues: If you consume a lot of raw mangoes, you may have digestion problems and other side effects.

5. Side effects: After eating mango, you should not take yogurt or milk because a combination of them can result in an opposite diet with a lot of side effects.

6Gas: Eating more mangoes can cause stomach gas or bloat.

7Allergic to some people: If you’re allergic to some components found in the mango fruit, you should take them with caution.

8. Increased heat in the body: Some types of mangoes lead to increased heat in the body and eating more of them boils on the skin.

9. A sore throat: If you eat the wrong mango, it can result in a sore throat.

10. Increase blood sugar: Pure mangoes are high in sugar and can result in excessive calories in the body.

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