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Pros and cons of fast foods

Sometimes I don’t feel like cooking and my only option is to get out and get some food. I know am not alone, maybe you are hungry and don’t feel like washing your dishes or cooking or maybe you are in a rush to accomplish a certain mission. In such a case, you would quickly think of fast food. But are fast foods healthy? What are some of the pros and cons of fast food?

According to the CDCP in the US, many people consume more than 10% of their calories from fast foods. Our lifestyle has become a busy one and almost everyone thinks of fast food as an option.


Pros of fast food

1. Fast services-just like the name suggests this is where you are going to meet your demands for fast lunch or supper. In case you are in a rush to accomplish something, you can always get your food served fast and hurry back to your workplace.

2. Healthy options are available-Regardless of the fact that many people get their calories from fast foods; there are some healthy options you can go for. What this means is that you just have to make yourself clear about what you want and get some grilled chicken and some salads at any time of the day.

3. It saves you a lot of time I can guess with near certainty you are busy but hungry. I know you want an option that will save you a lot of time and see you back at the work desk fast enough, if this is what you want, then fast food works perfectly nice to save you time.

4. They are affordable-The average cost of fast foods is relatively lower than the cost of cooking or going for other options. According to AOL Finance, the average cost is $6. If you want to save on your lunch and still get the best foods, consider fast foods.

5. Support local business– according to statistics, many of these fast foods are locally owned and operated a reason why you can help your countryman grow by purchasing the food. Buying here is an opportunity to boost local entrepreneurs.

6. Drive through options-For people that don’t feel like cooking, this is a good option. The drive-through option is available in most areas.

7. You can get a complete meal– fast foods offer a complete meal at affordable prices. This is an option for many people that are in a hurry and still want to get healthy foods at lower costs.

8. Consistent services-if you go with the industry’s top brands, you are very likely to receive constant services.

9. Access to all nutrition information-most brands keeps you in the loop with the nutritional information. They are going to advise you accordingly with the foods you want to eat any time you want.

10. An opportunity to experience foods from different cultures-Buying foods from shops that are locally owned means you have an opportunity to taste what the locals like the most.


Cons of fast foods

1. High calories-as I had already stated, people get more than 10% of their calories from fast food. If you don’t want to get such calories, then you should ditch fast foods.

2. Their health contents are questionable-Many people question the health contents of some foods sold in fast foods.

3. Prices can be deceiving-The the value meals here can easily trick you. You don’t have full information about their menu.

4. The food quality is very low-at some of these fast foods, the quality of the foods is very low. This is because the foods go through massive production, shipping, and freezing processes to keep them fresh.

5. Foods have preservatives-For people that don’t want to consume foods with preservatives, you should think again. Fast foods are preserved under freezing conditions. They also contain some serious preservatives which can be dangerous to your health.

6. The ingredients are not always easy to find-Maybe you have come across a wonderful meal at the fast food and decided to try it at home. The fact is that you will not find these ingredients easily.

7. Fast foods are addictive-Its easily to be addicted to fast foods. The foods are known to create an addictive-like impact, which can affect your eating habits.

8. It can be unsafe for your health-There is some advice from family physicians and doctors that eating food from fast food is very risky. They can lead to dental issues, high cholesterol levels, and many other health issues.

9. They have adverse effects on your body-Besides getting addicted; these foods can add more adverse effects on the body.

10. They can affect a society-Lastly; fast foods have some impact on society. They are blamed for obese and overweight children in the US and many other parts of the world.

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