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Pros and Cons of Raw Dog Food

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Raw dog food diet evolved from an ancient time where the dogs instinctive ancestral was usually a carnivorous diet which included large uncooked meat bones, fruits, and some portions of vegetables. The raw dog food is a viable alternative to traditional home-cooked dog food.

Introducing a raw diet for domestic dogs has relative gained popularity due to the number of benefits the dogs will have compared to their processed diet. Let’s look at the pros and cons of switching to a raw food diet.



1. Increased energy levels: Raw diet full of proteins and easily digestible provides the optimum nutrition and the energy your dog needs, unlike the processed food which takes longer to digest.    

2. Improved dental health: Removing carbs from dog’s diet help improve their dental hygiene. Chewing on the bones also helps them to strengthen the teeth, remove plaque and debris on the teeth.

3. Healthier skin: Raw dog food is full of proteins and other nutrients make the dog skin and coat healthier and shinier. Some dog’s health problem is caused by the use of processed dog foods and this can be solved by switching to the use of high-quality raw dog food.

4. Improved digestion: Commercial foods contain 50% of grains increasing the number of carbohydrates in the food. The dog cannot digest the high amount of unnatural carbohydrates found in such feeds. To improve the dog’s digestion system, replace commercial feeds with a raw food diet.

5. Small sized stool: Due to use of raw dog food, there will be high digestion of natural food and the dog will smaller, firmer, and less smelly stool.

6. Reduce allergy symptoms: A healthier and high-quality raw food reduces pet allergies and improves bowel health.

7. Better weight management: Introducing a natural food diet low in carbohydrates and easily digested leads to better weight control.

8. Prevents bad breath and reduce body odor: A balanced dog diet full of raw meat, bones, fruits and vegetables improve the well-being of the dog and this can lead to fresh breath, cleaner teeth, and, reduced body odor.

9. Strengthen the immune system: The uncooked food and raw meat contain live enzymes, fully digestible proteins, natural antioxidants which promote a healthy life. It also reduces health risk diseases like cancer, dental problems, obesity, and some allergies.

10. Fewer trips to the vet: Having a strong dog full of energy and resistant to allergies can help cut cost on vet bills.



1. Choking: The can choke from the bones leading to obstruction of the airways and sometimes broken teeth.

2. Internal perforations: Meaty bones can lead to bowel obstruction and some intestinal perforation.

3. Expensive: Meat products and other natural raw dog foods are very expensive compared to processed commercial food.

4. Convenience: Sometimes you may be too busy to prepare proper food for your dog especially if you eat out more than three meals in a week. A raw diet will be inconvenient when traveling with your dog since many hotels don’t have raw food storage.

5. Nutritional deficiency: Raw dog food lack some important nutrients like vitamin C, D and E and low amount of calcium and phosphorus and this may have a long-term impact on the dog.

6. Time-consuming: It is time-consuming to adequately balance a raw diet for your dog, nutritional deficiencies and other minerals needed.

7. Etheric pathogens: Harmful bacteria like salmonella can be transferred from the pet to humans due to the nature of handling uncooked food when feeding the dogs. The pathogens present in raw meat are likely to harm you more than the dog.

8. Cause diarrhea: Some dogs may experience diarrhea and other digestion issues after switching to a raw food diet.

9. Freezer space: You need a large freezer space to store large quantities of meat and other raw foods.

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