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Pros and Cons of Food Additives

A lot of people add food additives to enhance the taste, texture, appearance and preserve the flavor of the food. Although the food additive can increase food nutritive value, they also have their downside. Consumers should analyze the nutrition value in each product before buying and the preservative ingredient used. You should evaluate the positive and negative effects of food additives.



1. Increases product shelf life: Additives act as a food preservative by combatting bacteria and virus growth extending the food shelf-life. They maintain the quality of food products for a longer period.

2. Increase nutrient value: Adding additives to processed food helps maintain the nutrient value of the product. Nutrition helps maintain a balanced diet.

3. Enhance the flavor: Processing tasks can alter the food flavor, therefore adding additives enhance the flavor and taste of your food.

4. Preserve texture: Some food additives are added to the food to improve its texture and appearance. They also maintain the consistency of the product.

5. Mass production: Additives are added to the food products during production and suppliers don’t have to worry about spoilt products and food poisoning. This enables them to produce food products in large quantities.

6. Reduce foodborne diseases: Adding additives to the food prevent the growth of micro-bacteria and any virus caused by decaying food.

7. Prevent build-up of fat: Antioxidants added to foods with unsaturated fats prevent the build-up of fatty deposits around the arteries.

8. Reduce premature birth: Folic acid supplement prevents pre-mature birth and malformation in early pregnancy stages.

9. Reduce food spoilage: Adding additives help keep the food fresh thus reducing food losses.

10. Promote the development of food industries: The use of food additives to improve the nutrition value, increase the taste and appearance of the cooked food has contributed to the growth of food industries.



1. Health complications: Some food additives consist of harmful components to human life. BHA preservative causes nausea, diarrhea, and even shortness of breath for some people. Too much salt can result in a heart attack.

2. Destroy vitamins in food: Although they are being used to enhance the color and increase the nutrient value of food, they destroy the vitamins since additives replace real ingredients and make bad quality food look appetizing.

3. A decrease in food prices: Food additives have contributed to decreased food prices since additives will be used to preserve excess food. This leads to greater food supply and more suppliers.

4. Increase obesity and diabetes: Corn-syrup additive used in processed foods increase the chances of being obese and diabetic.

5. Cancer: Some components included in the additives are linked to cancer. According to research carried, the carcinogenic component can cause cancer in animals.

6Cause allergy: Some food additives may cause some allergies to some people or gastric irritation.

7Trick the eyes: Food products and drinks can be added to a lot of additives to retain the appearance or make them look bright. These bright colors may make you think your take healthy product.

8. Replace real ingredients: Manufacturers may replace the real ingredient in a commodity and add additives to bring out the same flavor. Due to these unethical practices, consumers are bound to suffer in long run.

9. Leads to food poisoning: Huge quantities in processed food and in meat products to preserve them for long life may turn poisonous.

10. Expensive natural ingredients: There is a growing concern of individuals shifting from synthetic and artificial food additives to natural ingredients which turn out to be very expensive to consumers.

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    Are food additives Haram

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      No but vacines cause autism

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