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Pros and cons of low carb diet

Low carb diet has become over the years and most doctors recommend to patients. A Keto diet or low carb diet means you consume a few carbs and an adequate amount of fat and protein. In addition to that, products with fat are ranked as the main cause of obesity. However, research shows natural fats are healthy if you reduce the content of starches and sugar. This makes you feel satisfied sand increase the process of burning fat. Henceforth, it promotes loss of weight. Let us see the pros and cons of a low carb diet.



1. Prevent appetite. Keto diet is well known for suppressing appetite. Most patients on low carb diet report that they feel less hunger. Therefore, you will be able to lose weight without going hungry.

2. Burn fat. You will find people losing weight then gain instantly. This is because some diets make you feel hungry. However, a low carb diet provides a major advantage to individuals. It is the most effective protocol for losing weight compared to other forms. The diet has water stored in the carbs. This burns fat in the body hence results in weight loss.

3. Improve blood sugar. Studies show that a keto diet helps to control sensitivity to insulin and control blood glucose.

4. Improve cholesterol. The diet improves levels of cholesterol and blood triglycerides. This can be seen when saturated fats are restricted.



1. Insufficient minerals and vitamins. Carbs are among the largest component of food. They are available in several foods such as dairy, vegetables, fruits, cereal, and bread. A low carb diet requires an individual to reduce the intake of carbs in foods. When you avoid certain foods, it means your body will not get sufficient minerals and vitamins. Minerals are essential in the body parts like bones, brain, heart, and muscles. Moreover, vitamins help to build strong immunity against diseases.

2. High protein. Low carb diets mean taking a sufficient amount of fat which has high protein. The body needs protein for building and repairing bones, muscles, and organs. Furthermore, high protein food makes you feel full hence promoting weight loss. Nonetheless, the high content of protein is not healthy for our bodies. It can destroy bones and kidneys. For this reason, you should calculate total protein in drink, food as well as supplements.

3. Low antioxidants and fiber. Low carb diets do not have enough fiber and antioxidants. Fiber is common in legumes, grains, vegetables, and fruits. It helps to prevent constipation, lower risk of cancer, diabetes, and heart diseases. Also, antioxidants help to prevent damage to cells in the body which are brought by free radicles. Lack of antioxidants can result in diseases such as stroke, arthritis, cancer, and heart diseases.

4. Affects mood. Research shows that carbohydrates are connected to feelings of satisfaction as well as happiness. An insufficient amount of carbs affects mood and leads to depression. Another study shows that a low carb diet is not good for a person who is fighting bipolar disorder and depression.

5. Muscle loss. This is a major limitation of the low carb diet. The body needs protein to serve as fuel. as a result of this, the amount of glycogen stored in the muscle is reduced.

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