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Pros and Cons of Paleo Diet

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The low-carb diet has become incredibly popular among those watching their diet and as a tool to weight loss journey. The caveman diet commonly known as Paleo excludes certain groups of foods obtained from farm produces.

The diet relies on products eaten during the Paleolithic era by ancestors and was obtained by hunting and gathering. The Paleolithic diet focuses on getting more energy by taking products high on animal proteins and low on carbohydrates. This article lists the advantages and disadvantages of using this diet plan for your overall health.



1. Weight loss: The limited food choices, unsaturated fats, and low-carb diet leads to a lean body. This contributes to weight loss.

2. Nutrient dense food: Paleo diet is rich in nutrients from lean meat, raw vegetables, fruits, and nuts. Coconut milk and a large amount of dark leafy greens increase calcium levels in the body.

3. Cleaning eating habits: Following a paleo diet, you will be eating a clean diet. The diet plan has zero preservatives, additives, and chemicals.

4. Anti-inflammatory benefits: Paleo diet plan enables your body to obtain anti-inflammatory benefits from plant nutrients contained in fruits, nuts, seeds, vegetables, and oils.

5. Control blood pressure: Fruits and vegetables are rich in potassium and this helps in maintaining healthy blood pressure as well as ensure you have a healthy kidney.

6. Eliminate processed foods: Paleo diet helps eliminate processed food like sugar, dairy products, less salt and increase intake of whole foods which helps improve blood sugar levels and reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases and diabetes.

7. Better mental health: Paleo diet accompanied by regular exercise leads to better mental health, better sleep, boost the immune system, and increase physical fitness.

8. Feel satiated: High intake of proteins and fat foods makes you feel full between meals. Taking a balanced food of lean meat, fish, fruits and some vegetables is more satiating that high-carb low-fat diet.

9. Muscle building: High animal protein diet is essential for muscle development. Lean meat in the diet results in a healthy body and also lower insulin response in the body.

10. Fewer toxins: It helps reduce exposure to toxins and increase antioxidants in the body through nutrient-rich vegetables and fruits.



1. Low blood sugar: If you’re taking insulin drugs, introducing a paleo diet can temporarily lead to low blood sugar causing hypoglycemia condition. You should consult your doctor before taking this diet plan.

2. Expensive: Grass-fed animals and nuts may be expensive and inaccessible compared to dairy products which are more affordable and accessible.

3. Low-carb flu: Reduced intake of carbs can lead to headaches, fatigue, brain fog and some irritation. Some people may take some days or weeks before getting used to the diet.

4. Reduced energy: Taking fruits and some vegetables can reduce the number of carbs consumed per day and this is not good for athletes who need a lot of energy.

5. Cravings: Paleo diet is associated with food cravings early in the diet although this doesn’t last long.

6. Low fiber intake: Eliminating whole grains products reduces fiber intake in the body which is good for gut health and digestion.

7. Tooth decay: Elimination of dairy products like milk, cheese, and yogurt leads to low calcium in the body. Inadequate calcium affects bone formation and tooth density resulting in tooth decay.

8. Difficult to fully adopt the diet: Since the Paleolithic era, plants and animals have already evolved and are different compared to what was consumed 10 000 years ago. This makes it difficult to get the exact proportions of foods eaten back then.

9. Lack of essential nutrients and vitamins: Eliminating some food groups leads to lack of essential nutrients and vitamins like magnesium, manganese, and selenium which are obtained from legumes.

10. Difficult to maintain the diet: It is tricky to stick to the diet plan due to the sheer variety of foods in existence. Some animal proteins, fruits, and nuts are unavailable.

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