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Pros and Cons of L-Shaped Sofa

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Having the right design and decor of the living room is essential for every homeowner. Having the classy and unique décor requires the right choice of furniture to complement the look of your living room. A couch or sofa will be one of the main pieces of furniture you need to consider. There are various designs to choose from.

The L-shaped couch is one of the best design decisions you can make for your living room if you love sectional couches. Before purchasing this type of design, you should consider the pros and cons. Let’s have a look at them;



1. Great for small Rooms: If you have a small living room, the l-shaped sofa will be great for your living area and it can accommodate more people.

2. Easy to decorate: You can easily decorate this sectional sofa by replacing the covers with new colors or patterns. You can have different cushion cover styles giving the sofa a fresh look.

3. Saves money: Compared to the price of buying the entire living room set, the price of a single style sofa is low and it gives you what you need for living room furniture.

4. Good for the family: If your family has more than three persons, the l-shaped sofa has enough space to spread out to allow everyone in your family to sit together for close conversation or bonding. They are also ideal for cuddling with kids.

5. Comfortable: The sectional couches are very comfortable since they are covered with quality leather or microfiber fabric. Some have reclining seats for more comfort.

6. Free up extra space: The sofa can be placed at the corner of the living room creating some extra space for other furniture.

7. Metropolitan look: The L-shaped sofa gives your living room a classy, elegant, and metropolitan look.

8. Extra features: Sectional sofa comes with extra features to provide a stylish design. Features like ottomans, end tables, recliners, adjustable headrests, or even mobile phone docks make the sofa super cool.

9. Excellent for regular entertainers: If you’re regularly entertaining a group of people, the l-shaped couch will be a great choice for you. Its configuration is conducive for close interactions with friends and provides an excellent view for watching football or movies with a focus on television.

10. Customizable sofa: You can configure the sectional sofas in many ways to fit your room space and meet your needs.


1. Not flexible: If you love re-arranging your room’s layout, the l-shaped couches will not be suitable for you since it is difficult to re-arrange.

2. The shape of the room: It is not suitable for every type of room. Depending on the shape of your living room, sometimes the sectional couch will be unsuitable.

3. Challenge to move: It will be difficult to move the sectional sofas to a new home. It may be challenging to find a new home that fits your l-shaped layout.

4. Obstruct doorways or windows: The sectional sofa can obstruct the doorway or window near it.

5. Narrow doorway: If your sectional sofa is large, it will be difficult for it to pass through the narrow doorways making it difficult to shift it to your home.

6. Look beautiful in pictures: Sometimes the sofas look good in pictures but when brought home, they may dominate the room and make it look congested.

7. Difficult cleaning: It is difficult to clean the segmented curved sofa if you don’t have a vacuum cleaner.

8. Expensive: It will be very expensive to re-upholstering the sofa.

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