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Pros and Cons of Zebra blinds

Zebra blind is an innovative type of roller blinds that offer superior light protection to your room than any other window blinds or cover. The Zebra roller blinds act as a sunshade to enhance your comfort level it also gives you an artistic feeling.

It provides you with a range of horizontal woven lines to filter light in the rooms with darkening colors and fabrics



1. Shimmering silk feels: Zebra blinds are designed using sheer fabric which reflects the horizontal pattern giving you a shimmering silk feel and a rich look.

2. Affordable: Zebra bling designs offer a complete package to the users at an affordable price.

3. Attractive design: Zebra blind designs are very attractive bringing style and functionality to your table. The color schemes are used to make the design more attractive. It comes in different shapes to choose from.

4. Wide use: Zebra blinds can be used at home due to their contemporary look and also for commercial purposes due to their functionality.

5. Privacy: Zebra blinds are made from a wide range of animal prints woven in a piece of fabric to provide you with a translucent light when holding the glare. It also provides privacy to your room making it stand apart.

6. Flexibility: The innovative range of woven fabrics acts as a perfect blend giving you elegance, flexibility, and great visual effect. The level of light control achieved no other window blind can achieve.

7. Style: The window complements your interior décor and zebra blinds are available in different styles, colors, types, and shapes of the window.

8. Durability: Blinds are more durable compared to other types of windows covering. The firmness and sturdiness of the blinds make them ideal for long-term use.

9. Control: It is much easier to install blinds in your window. You can also easily wipe them clean compared to other types of window cover fabrics.
You can control the zebra blind with a remote.

10. Insulation: zebra blinds keep your windows insulated better than the curtains. Some shades do better insulation than others. The roller blinds prevent dust and moisture from getting into the room.



1. Narrow windows: The shades are contemporary and not designed to be used in narrow windows or odd-shaped windows. Zebra blinding is suitable for modern windows.

2. Easily damaged: If proper care is not taken when cleaning and maintaining the zebra blinds, they can easily get damaged,

3. Block light: Sometimes the blinds can effectively block the light into the room. The blinds block the room from getting direct sunlight.

4. Noise: Zebra blinds don’t have an edge at dissipating noise as it enters our homes. The thick volume of curtains can provide insulation against noise.

5. Solar fabrics: Roller shades made of solar fabric will not provide you with complete privacy at night.

6. Maintenance: The blinds need constant maintenance. You should clean the roller shades regularly. Damaged parts of the blinds need to be replaced for the blinds to remain functional.

7. Reduced visibility: The blinds are not ideal for those who want to have an outside view during the day. You can adjust them to allow slight light inside but will always obstruct your view.

8. Gaps: The Zebra blinds leave gaps of around 17-30mm where two blinds meet and gaps at the sides of up to 22mm.

9. Extra blinds: Some windows need two blinds in order to maintain privacy and this can turn out to be expensive.

10. The flap in the breeze: If the window is open, it can flap the breeze in.

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  1. Greg Sonata

    The window complements your interior décor, and zebra blinds are available in different styles, colors, types, and shapes of the window. The innovative range of woven fabrics acts as a perfect blend giving you elegance, flexibility, and significant visual effect.

  2. Decora Blinds

    Zebra Blinds are a very modern alternative to a horizontal blind. Zebra blinds are Roller shadows that allow you to switch between privacy. The blinds can be accustomed so that the zebra stripes line up-offering privacy, light control, and separation.

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