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Pros and Cons of G Shock Watches

G-Shock watch is the world’s stylish, tough, and famous brand that can last for more than 35 years. The watches are high-tech ranging from the complex to the simplest models for everyone. Different G-Shock models in the market vary based on the key features, design, and price. Users can choose from the different models available in the market.

This article provides you with the pros and cons to help you learn more about them and make your buying decisions.



1. Solar watches: G-shock watches use solar energy and can last up to 9 to months once fully charged. The battery continues to recharge when exposed to light. This makes them suitable watches when in remote areas.

2. Different models: There are different G-Shock watches in the market to choose from based on your budget and your needs.

3. Analog-Digital watches: G-Shock watches may be in the form of analog and digital and sometimes a combination of both analog and digital forms.

4. Quality design and style: The watches are resistant to dust, water, scratches, and also shock resistance making them the most suitable watches for those in military and service departments.

5. Innovative features: Different models of G-Shock have innovative features like GPS, LED light among other features thus boosting a lot of confidence to the users.

6. Battery life: The digital models have a longer battery life compared to the analog models.

7. Rugged: Most of the G-Shock watches have a
large rugged appearance. The watches are made of rubber making them shock-resistant.

8. Large display: The watches have a large display that is easy to read with various buttons to adjust the watch.

9. All-purpose watch: G-Shock is a durable all-purpose watch for almost every situation. Some of the complex watch features include a barometer, thermometer, compass, and atomic timekeeping making them suitable for many tasks.

10. Multi-band atomic timekeeping: The use of multi-band atomic timekeeping technology in the latest models ensures the watch maintains accurate time no matter where you are in the world.


1. Time zone: Most of the watches have the time zone of the location you are currently in. If you travel to a different time zone, you have to change the time zones manually to reflect the date of the current time zone.

2. Reverse LCD display: Watches that have reverse LCD display are difficult to read or see especially when in low light areas.

3. Size: Most Casio G-shock watches are made for people with large wrists and therefore their size may feel too large for some people.

4. Bulk case: Some of the G-Shock watches have a bulk case making them a bit big on the wrist like the GD400MB-1 model. Others don’t have a distinctive casing.

5. Countdown Timer: Some of the watches don’t have a countdown timer and for some which have it, their countdown timer is limited to 100 minutes only.

6World time: Only a few brands that have multiband atomic timekeeping keep accurate world time others don’t have world time or atomic timekeeping features.

7LED light limitations: Watches built with LED light affect the visibility of reading digital display data while in the dark.

8. Backlight: The backlight in most digital watches consume a lot of energy.

9. Negative display: Although most users love the negative display, sometimes negative display is difficult to read.

10. Expensive: The prices of the watches range on the inbuilt features and the technologies used. Some non-solar models may be very expensive compared to solar models.

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