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Pros and Cons of Eloping

Eloping is one of the best options for saying “I do” in an intimate and quiet setting. Compared to planning a wedding, eloping is the easiest and cheap form of getting married. This guide provides you with the pros and cons of eloping to help decide which option is best for your big day.



1. Budget-friendly: Eloping is cheaper than preparing a normal wedding regardless of how extravagant you want it to be. If you want to save a little of your wedding budget, then eloping is the way to go.

2. Privacy: Eloping gives an opportunity to have a private intimate moment of your life. You can invite only a friend or a family member to the ceremony.

3. No rules: In a normal wedding, you have to follow the laid down rules as well as the laid down plans for the event whereas in eloping, you don’t need a wedding planner. You can plan your day, have your makeup and hair done then walk outside to make your vows.

4. Less stress: Eloping helps you to ease a lot of stress and pressure that comes from planning a wedding. Keeping the ceremony low-key saves you a lot of stress.

5. VIP Guest-list: Eloping gives the option to make your guest list as small as you want. You can choose to have your best friends and family at your side when celebrating the big day instead of you and your fiancé.

6. No one to object to the wedding: If your parents opposed to the partner you choose or having a complicated family set-up then you can plan the ceremony secretly and tell them after you get married.

7. Same destination: You can plan to elope and have your honeymoon at the same place saving you extra expenses on transport.

8. Hold ceremony anywhere: You can organize the celebration at any destination of your choice and check on a honeymoon at travel destination on your bucket list.

9. Get to define what eloping means to you: You may decide to run away secretly without parental consent or invite parents, siblings, and friends to the event thus avoiding any drama later on.

10. Spent quiet time with spouse: Organize a big wedding limits you the chance to spent quiet moments with your spouse at the wedding. In eloping, you can focus on each other.



1. Unfulfilled wedding dreams: You will miss a chance to fulfill your wedding dreams if you elope with your spouse. You may start thinking of the wedding you never had before.

2. Create disappointments: When organizing a secret wedding, some of your friends and family may feel hurt or disappointed if you didn’t invite them to celebrate the big day with them.

3. Miss opportunity to reconnect: If you never invited anyone to your celebration, you will miss the opportunity to reconnect with friend and loved ones as well as take pictures with them.

4. Limited guest list: Sometimes to avoid disappointing close friends and family you have to plan a small reception to celebrate the big day with them.

5. Less attention: You will not be the Center of attention for a big party just organized for you especially if you like planning a massive party and be the princess of the day.

6. Few wedding Photoshoot memories: You will not be able to take amazing wedding pictures dancing with parents, aunts, friends, colleagues and other family members if you organize a celebration with your fiancé and the best couple.

7Makes it less a big day: People may question the unity since it should be a day where family and friends should remember forever.

8. Lack of support: Your family may not support your idea of eloping since they need you to celebrate with all family members and friends making it difficult to proceed with your decision.

9. Fear of missing out: Eloping can make you feel your missing something out especially if you have watched your friends planning big weddings.

10. Not for everyone: Eloping depends on what you value. If you don’t like the adventure to make it memorable, then eloping is not for you.

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