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Pros and Cons of having a Girlfriend

According to the context of this article, a girlfriend is a special female person in a man’s life that he loves. Having a girlfriend can be the best thing that ever happened to you, but for some, the worst. While deciding whether or not to have a girlfriend, you should do your recon beforehand. Here is a list of the pros and cons of having a girlfriend

Pros of having a girlfriend

1. She will be your friend: Your girlfriend isn’t with you just for the kissing and snuggling. She will be your best friend. She will laugh at your jokes, listen to your long stories, whether they are interesting or not, and advise you like a sister. She will make sacrifices for you and stand up for you when need be. She won’t have to do extravagant things; rather, she will make time out of her day to make yours brighter.

2. You will have someone to talk to whenever you are bored or not: Girlfriends are fun to be with. Even when facing your worst day ever, you can rely on your girlfriend to give you a listening ear. You can always rely on your girlfriend no matter what the situation is.

3. She helps you get over the toughest moments of your life: Your girlfriend will be there for you, especially when nothing else seems to go right in your life. The toughest moments may vary from losing a match, going through a breakup from friends, job loss to losing a loved one. Your girlfriend will be by your side in both bad and good times.

4. She will buy you gifts: Your girlfriend understands that men love getting presents from their girlfriends. Girlfriends understand that presents make their men appreciated and how much they mean to their girlfriends. She will give you something special to make you feel loved.

5. She will encourage you: If you are passionate about something, say art, your girlfriend will surely not let you put down your brush. She will not let you give up on your dreams even if you have other things to attend. She will let you know that she is there for you and that she truly believes you can do anything you set your mind.

6. She will be your Therapist: You can count on your girlfriend whenever you have problems. She may not be able to fix them when there is assurance that there is someone you can count on. It is scary to imagine that you are alone in the world, but this feeling will not exist with your girlfriend around.

7. She will entertain you: Your girlfriend will be a source of happiness for you by spicing up your life, not necessarily by keeping you occupied the whole day. There will never exist a dull moment when you have a girlfriend. The two of you will know how to have lots of fun together. It is indeed one of the most important aspects of any relationship.

8. She will give you a sense of belonging by making you feel that you matter: If you are in a healthy relationship, you will surely have a girlfriend who makes a positive difference in your life. It is because she helps you when you need it. You may not need her to survive entirely, but one thing is for sure; you wouldn’t want to live without her. It’s up to you to return the favor.

9. She will be your support system: Though it is natural for a man to act strong, the truth of the matter is that he may be suffering and tearing apart from inside. Your girlfriend will be aware of this fact and take it upon herself to support you whenever you undergo difficulties. She may not wait for you to say what you may be going through at that moment since she understands that men don’t like to look weak. However, she will always encourage you to open up.

10. She will take care of you: Your girlfriend will play her part of care for you by talking to you whenever you open up, indulging in romantic gestures with you since you find it special, making you feel less insecure.

Cons of having a girlfriend

1. Source of distraction: Having a girlfriend requires that you will have to give her attention. You may find yourself spending quality time trying to impress her, which will result in our distraction, especially if you are still in college or trying to build your career. It could be a great loss on your part regarding your studies or career.

2. She takes all your time: Being single allows you to have a fun, fulfilling social life with different people. You can go out for pizza, coffee, movies and parties with friends. You also get time to have trips and escapades. When you get a girlfriend, you will have to spend most of your time with her. Therefore, you may end up missing all the carefree time you had with your friends.

3. She can stress you out: Being in a healthy relationship can be a wonderful experience. However, if your relationship with your girlfriend is conflict and drama, this can be draining and stressful.

4. She can make you lose your independence: Having a girlfriend hinders you from being an independent person with total control over your actions and choices. To make decisions, consultations with your girlfriend will have to be done at times.

5. She can drain you financially: As a boyfriend, you will be required to woo your girlfriend by spoiling her with gifts, nights out, parties, and trips. Some boyfriends go as far as cutting off their necessities to start saving up for their girlfriend’s laxities. It can be financially draining and stressful.

6. You may lose your other friends: Spending more time with your girlfriend reduces the amount of time with your friends. It is because they become your second priority. Your friends will start to get away, and thus you end up losing them.

7. She can drain you emotionally: Being emotionally dependent on your girlfriend for a long time can make you weak. You forget how to face challenges and solve them independently as it was when you were single. In case you don’t talk to her about your hard days, it makes you feel negative since you feel as if she is not with you on your hard days.

8. There is the risk of heartbreak: It is possible that your girlfriend may not have taken things as seriously as you did and ended up breaking up with you.

9. Incompatibility: For you, she may have been the woman of your dream. However, it becomes stressful when you realize that your family and friends don’t agree because you are incompatible in some ways.

10. Commitment: Girlfriends want attention and loyalty from their men. It requires commitment on your part. If you fail to give her the attention and loyalty she requires, you may have commitment issues.


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