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Pros and cons of Puerto Rico becoming a state

Over a long period, Puerto Rico has been under US territory and has been protected and supported by the US. They don’t have all the rights like other US residents, e.g., they cannot vote and other rights like US residents. Puerto Ricans can join the US military, and they can possess lands. People want to know why the US country cannot make Puerto Rico its state. Let’s see the pros and cons of making it a state.

Pros of Puerto Rico to state.

1. Quality life: 50% of people living in Puerto Rico are living below the poverty line, so making it a state will improve life by bringing job opportunities and wealth benefits to the United States.

2. Opportunities: When it becomes a state, people will have access to jobs and discoveries. This means they will get incomes that will improve their living standard.

3. Freedom to listen: The Puerto Ricans will have a say in the government law affecting them.

4. Right to vote: Puerto Ricans do not vote as other US residents, but when it becomes a state, they will have a chance to vote. For now, they don’t have anything to do with the US. They listen, watch, and wait.

5. Boost tax for the US: If it becomes a US state, it boosts the tax revenue of the country, as a lot of businesses will be put in place, and they will improve tax revenue.

6. Good health care: The health care now in Puerto Rico is not good, but making it a state, the government will focus their resource on the place to improve infrastructure. People will have good health and a chance to fight diseases and infection.

7. Open trade: Making it a state, Puerto Rico will be allowed to trade with other US alliances, which will greatly improve their economy hence United States Ec0nomy too.

Cons for Puerto Rico being a state

1. Culture loss: Statistics show when it’s become a state, a lot of people will be joining the place the culture of Puerto Rico will be lost. The change is expected, but that’s a theory we don’t know.

2. Less Number of tourists: Tourism has been the source of revenue for Puerto Ricos; when it becomes a state, it’s believed to lose the novelty. People will not consider it a tourism site hence lose a lot of money.

3. Language barrier: People are taught in English in Puerto Rico as a foreign language, so when it becomes a state, a lot of people will come to the place with the English language, communication will be hindered.

4. United states crime rates will go high: Poverty and crime in Puerto Rico are high. When it becomes a state, the crime rate of those numbers will be added to the United States.

5. Increase in debts for US country: When it becomes a US state, the US as a whole country will have to take Puerto Rico’s debts as their responsibility.

6. Will cause resentment: Some people may not agree with integration, and that may lead to complaints. This will lead to resentment hence disruption of peace.

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