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Pros and cons of active pk

Active pk is a weight loss pill, was created by LCR Health (- based company). Active pk is meant to fight against abdominal fat build-up. The company goal was to make their patients feel stronger and healthier within their bodies. Active pk uses a formula for weight loss called AMPK activation. The AMPK formula enzyme warns the body against fat hence tells the body to convert fat into energy.

It has its negative impact on our body as we know the company faced complaints from client’s soma are dealt with; some are not.

The pros of active pk.

1. 90-day money-back guarantee: LCR Company returns your money after 90 days when you are not with their products. That’s awesome as you won’t regret it at last if it doesn’t work.

2. Contain ActivAMPAK: Research shows the ingredient can be effective for weight loss. The ingredient converts more fats into energy, which is pretty cool; you will be strong and at the same time healthy.

3. Vegetarian-friendly and dairy-free: Active pk can be used by vegetarians with no effects; this means it is free from milk ingredients.

4. No caffeine: The patient will not experience anxiety, insomnia, and digestive issues as the active PK is free from caffeine.

5. Can regulate blood sugar: The research shows that active pk can positively regulate blood sugar.

6. Lower cholesterol level: Studies show how active pk can lower cholesterol levels in our body hence reducing the high chances of getting a heart attack.

The cons of active pk

1. Active pk is not regulated like any drug with the food and drug administration: This means it is not known if active pk meets the required standard of drugs. The organization and institution that deals with drugs and food regulations do not take responsibility for them. So it’s about you.

2. No scientific evidence it works: Since people started using Active pk, we haven’t seen any evidence proving that it works perfectly on the human body. They only talk about how it works, but no tangible evidence we can hold on to.

3. More expensive: Active pk is more expensive compared to other competitive drugs, sometimes people can’t afford them.

4. Non-reliable: The company may not give 24/7 support to its clients. So, it cannot be depending on every time it’s needed.

5. it’s not as strong as alternative products: Compared to other drugs, active pk is not as strong and not working effectively as other drugs.

6. Not everybody can use it: Active pk may not work for everybody, some have side effects, and for others, there are no changes completely. After sometimes people started complaining about it, some were rectified some were not.

7. More work: It requires more work on the subject to decide on its efficiency and long-term safety. The subject has to be checked if he can take active pk or he will have side effects.

8. Berberine HCL: It might interact with other medications like cyclosporine and diabetes medication because it contains Berberine HCL.


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