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Pros and cons of blink health

People fall ill at one point in time. It’s something that is inevitable and is bound to happen sooner or later. The problem is not all of us like going to the pharmacy to pick up prescription drugs. As a matter of fact, some people skip out on some drugs which they think are too expensive for them to afford. This is where blink health comes in. Blink Health is an online company that negotiates the prices of medications on your behalf.

Mostly, people can’t negotiate the prices of the medications they want to buy at the pharmacy. But blink health has this power. They work with pharmacies and pharmaceutical manufacturers so that you benefit from lower prices of over 15,000 medications.



1. They have both a website and an app. This makes it easier for people to use their services. You can download the app on your mobile phone and purchase your medications right there. All you have to do is print out their card and go pick the medications at the pharmacy.

2. Lower prices. This is the main advantage of using blink health. Medications are quite expensive and there are times you have to buy more than one. The fact that blink health negotiates the prices for its customers enables them to save some money.

3. Convenient. You don’t have to worry about purchasing medications at exorbitant prices. With the printout from blink health, the only thing left is picking up your medications at the pharmacy.

4. No fees attached to the service. You don’t have to pay anything to use the blink health services. Furthermore, there are no commitments whatsoever. You can choose to use their services or not.

5. There is a wide array of pharmacies. There are so many pharmacies that work with blink health. This means that you can choose whichever pharmacy you want or the one that is most suitable for you.

6. Payments can be done online. There are online payment options provided for the customers. This is usually the most preferred mode of payment for so many people.

7. Over 15,000 covered medications. You will hardly find medications that are not covered by blink health.

8. You only pay once. Once you have bought the medications at blink health and received a printout, there will be no need to pay at the pharmacy. You just have to go get the medicines.

9. There are delivery options. For those people who are not feeling well or don’t have the time to go to the pharmacy, you can have the drugs delivered at your home.

10. Quick and easy process. What happens is you search for the medication on blink health; pay online and go pick it up at the nearest pharmacy.



1. A limited number of covered medications. The truth is this company gives its clients access to a large number of covered medications. But there are still so many other medications that are not covered.

2. Confusions between blink and pharmacies. There are a number of people who have pointed out the confusion in the pharmacies blink is working with. This results in issues with payments.

3. Poor customer support. Their customer support is not responsive to complaints and issues. Apparently, they take you round in circles and end up not helping you at all.

4. At times the blink prices are higher. You might want to confirm with the pharmacy about their prices before buying on the blink. You might find the blink prices are higher than what’s being offered at the pharmacy.

5. You can’t use blink with insurance. In this case, you can only choose one; either blink health or your medical insurance. However, you cannot combine the two so that you can get a lower price.

6. A prescription is required. People are not allowed to purchase any medications on blink without a prescription. This makes things tedious for some people who are forced to get a prescription from the doctor each time.

7. Some people pay for drugs and then don’t find them at the pharmacy. Blink health doesn’t take time to confirm with their pharmacies if they have all the medications their clients have purchased. After making payments, you go to pick up your medication only to find them unavailable at the pharmacy.

8. There are cases of people not receiving their orders. There are people who complain they did not receive their shipped orders. Blink Health is a reputable company and should be able to handle such issues promptly.

9. Some people are forced to pay for an online medical evaluation. This can be frustrating and makes the entire process rather expensive.

10. There are no refunds. In case you don’t receive your order or your medications are unavailable at the pharmacy, there is no guarantee that you will get your money back.

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