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Pros and cons of 4th Child


Not everyone is a firstborn, isn`t it? Truth be said; It`s love that yields marriage. Marriage is not complete without children. We exist because we were born and for most of us not being the eldest. In most cases, children are seen to be a blessing and source of joy to their parents. Each time a baby is born it reminds us that someone might have made the Decision to enlarge his or her generation. Birth has such significance in our lives that it reminds us that even our forefathers were once young sons and daughters sometime back before our birth.



1. More travels: Every kid at a young age really wants to a place say animal zoo and museums. A home with four would thus probably call for more holidays to the world`s famous destinations.

2. Experienced parenthood: Since it won`t be the first-time trial into parenting, taking care of a fourth-born baby will be easier. Knowledge from the birth of previous children will form a rich source of your parental supervision.

3. Happier Meals: The dining table will, of course, be an enticing one. Food will be more and one that tastes delicious forever with more funny stories and chats to be held. The fourth child will obviously love stories from parents and enquire more questions.

4. Thrilling plays: with four children, Plays will continually dominate your home between your children. You might also freely invite yourself into the plays to curb boredom.

5. More parties: The home will be full of birthday parties if parents decide to have a fourth child.

6. Shared home tasks: Having a fourth child would mean increased numbers in the family. Children help their parents in doing various duties such as washing kitchen utensils, helping in cooking for daughters, cleaning, and gardening.

7. Sense of achievement: A parent with four children will be proud of having more sons, daughters or both putting in mind that parenting is not that easy. Successes of all will bring great joy to a mother or father.

8. Even number is better: Having an odd number of children leaves a non-explainable state of Is someone missing? For those having four, an even number of children, may by chance equalize boys and girls in that family. Some people just naturally like an even number and yes, four is the next even number after two for those who might have three children.

9. Better movies, series, and computer games: If you are a mad lover of any of these hobbies having the fourth born will mean more of it. For gaming, you will even have more opponents to challenge.

10. More love: with good parenting and care; having a fourth child may bring more love between siblings and parents too.



1. More responsibility: it will require more support and care by parents due to the larger number. At a young age, the mother will have to prepare them, wash their clothes, aid in school assignments, and many more tasks.

2. A Noisier home: Four children may tend to be even more playful. You must actually be ready for this.

3. More food required: Diet at a home with four children should be in plenty and balanced too. No child should sleep hungry at the expense of another.

4. Space must be considered: With time each of the four kids will require larger beds and more rooms to be constructed. If you live in a rental house having four might not be that good for you.

5. Sleepless nights: A month-old baby requires tender and unavoidable care. Most babies cry and the parent must also be ready for this.

6. May interfere with occupational schedules: Having a fourth child; for mothers who are usually busy at work, or whose field of work requires more, may be forced to seek leave or even quit the job.

7. No more free time: Having a fourth child will require one to dedicate his or her time to parenthood until the child is fully grown. You might find yourself putting your hobbies and personal likings to a stop.

8. Messier homes: At a young age children are very adventurous, having a fourth child would mean having another shambolic adventure with your son or daughter. Children may disarrange or even spill substances at home.

9. Increased expenses: more cash will be needed to support the basic requirements of the fourth child.

10. Talk from friends: some of one’s allies may not be contented by you having a fourth child. Those who are usually contented with two kids may gossip about it.

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